“Don’t go to the hardware store for milk”

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July 21, 2016
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August 16, 2016
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“Don’t go to the hardware store for milk”

Don't go to the hardware store for milk“Don’t go to the hardware store for milk”. This saying was taught to me by one of my life coaches, Daryl Wood in 2014.

Do you have days that just feel “off” and no matter what you do you just can’t seem to shake the feeling? You try talking to a friend, try to keep a positive attitude or pretend the feeling isn’t there and truck through your daily tasks anyway? But the feeling still lingers like an unwanted guest at a party???…YUP!

Today this saying came to mind “Don’t go to the hardware store for milk” while I was feeling that “blah” feeling. If you know me by now I am a pretty open book and aim to inspire by being raw. So today I had one of those days. Had a wonderful weekend but woke up just feeling off.  Went to my TO-DO list and attempt to dive into my work but my spirit and emotions won’t let me. I tried different things like drinking water, making tea, talking to a friend, stepping away from the work and coming back to it later but then it hit me “Don’t go to the hardware store for milk”. By now you know who you can go to for what, and if you keep going to something/someone that just makes you feel the same or worst then why keep going to the same store when you know they don’t sell what you are looking for? Don’t go to the hardware store for milk! The hardware store sells tools sister, not fresh milk!

It is imperative to have your GO-TO list for days when you are feeling off. So I thought I would share some tools that helps me shift into a higher vibration and out of that “fog”.

  • Meditation: All it takes is 3-15 minutes out of your day to pause, breath, listen to a guided meditation or take everything off and center yourself. This is my # 1 go-to!
  • Journally: Get raw and real with yourself here. This is where I purge all my feeling and thoughts, no matter if they feel silly, I let it all go on the paper. I often feel a shift from heavy to relief once I take a pen to paper. Often my answer comes as to what I should do next to keep climbing higher in my vibration.
  • Nap: I remember this from Abraham Hicks, in times where you are feeling very low sometimes the only thing you need to do is stop doing what you are doing and sleep! I use to think this takes away from my productive day but I learnt that times call for some zzz’s throughout the day to be more productive. It’s better than staring at your screen or procrastinating so might as well take the time to shut down your mind, breath and feel refreshed after a 20-60 minute nap. Don’t worry, you’re work isn’t going anywhere 😉
  • Walk in Nature: Step outside of your concrete world and get some fresh air and be in nature. There are healing powers in nature so surround yourself by water, trees, grass, sky and breath it all in to boost your energy.
  • Exercise: Pick your favorite type of exercise and go do it when you lead an energy lift. The sweating, the releasing toxins, the taking your mind off of whatever you are thinking or feeling will be good for the mind, body and soul and once you are finished you will definitely feel a shift, refreshed feeling and you’ll be glad you did it. The feeling of “blah” you were once feeling feels distant from you. For me, I like a light jog at times like these.
  • Best Friend: I totally understand why statistics say married couples live longer because of the companionship. In moments I feel I have too much going on in my head or carrying the weight on my shoulders having a best friend or pal you can go to “off load” helps relieve stress. It has to be someone you can trust and normally has good energy exuding from them. Having at least one person can hellp provide a huge relief simply by them listening or being around them. For me, my best friend is my husband. When no one else can give me that dose of a good listening ear & loving heart energy, I can always rely on my hubs.

I’ve learned that self-soothing is the #1 thing you should resort to before going to anyone else. When you depend on external resources, such as other people to make you feel better, it’s not going to happen so have your own GO-TO list of what makes YOU feel good and that of which that is independent of other people. The list I provided above I do the first 5 first before resorting to my best friend option. And when choosing someone make sure it is someone you can trust to give you sound advice that will serve your highest good and not advice that serves their own good or filtered by bad vibes and their negative experiences. Find someone who can uplift you! For example, if you are going through a breakup, don’t seek advice from someone who is in a bad relationship or bitter from past relationships…that’s going to the hardware store for milk. You want to seek the support from someone who has perhaps been through it and in a better, healthier place now.

Another thing to remember is “this too shall pass”. Everyday can’t always be “up” days but they are imperative in learning how to appreciate what you have and also to make you pause and tend to the other parts of you (emotional self, physical self, mental self, spiritual self). Today I needed to tend to me and not my work. I have been going non-stop for months, I deserve to take time to tend to myself and nurture whatever side calling out to me because if I don’t I believe something major stops you in your tracks to make you listen when you ignore the little signs. When feeling “blah” take the time to reflect and assess what is working or not working in your life. For me today, by journally, meditating, napping and speaking to my best friend (thank you hubby) I realized what was working and not working for me anymore. Sometimes it’s calling you to release something that is no longer working for you.

I hope this helped at least one person.

What is your “GO-TO list” to tend to your needs?  I would love to hear them, share below!

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