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August 9, 2016
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Smudging Prayer

Do you ever feel heavy or can’t seem to shake off any negative energy? Or you walk into your space and feel down for no reason? It is important to cleansing your living space and mind/body/heart space as often as possible as you go through many emotions, experiences and come in contact with many people on different vibrations, it’s natural it will seep into your own auric field and physical space. Energy is in everything and everywhere. It can easily be left behind. So if you are feeling heavy, negative, anxious or depressed, been around a lot of people or many people have been in and out of your space it’s time to cleanse! I cleanse and clear my living and office space as often as possible especially when I feel low on vibrations I know it’s time to cleanse myself and my physical area.

Here are some steps and tools I use to cleansing myself and space known as traditionally known as ‘Smudging’:

  • White Sage bundle & shell: Using all elements of the earth: Sage (from the Earth), smoke (wind), shell (water) and lighting the sage (fire) this ancient ritual was used for thousand of years to cleanse a physical space and body space. It is believed the smoke lifts the negative energy and transforms it into new energy.
  • Cleanse & clear your mind: Before beginning you have to make sure you are in a positive space. Shut off all technology, close your eyes and center yourself. Breathe in and out and expel any heavy energies until you are feeling grounded and light then proceed with your smudging ceremony.
  • Music: I like using Native American music as this ritual originates from this beautiful culture. You can Youtube any music and choose something that resonates with you (native american chanting, flutes, nature sounds, etc).
  • Cleansing space: Starting from the back of your house/space, light the sage bundle until it starts smoking. Go to the corners of room and uphold the sage bundle with the shell bowl beneath to catch any ashes. Allow the smoke to rise up the walls and every corner of the room while reciting a prayer or chant. I have created one that resonates with me and you’re welcome to use. See photo below.
  • Prayer & White Light: Envisioning a White Light surrounding and emanating from you for protection and guidance, recite the prayer and fill each room with the energy of this prayer. Do not leave the room until the space feels clear and filled with positive energy.

I rid of any negative energies and only allow love & joy to flood in place. May the blessings from above shower this space”. You can seal the prayer in each room with a white light and/or reciting “And so it is”.

  • Closing: You can let the sage bundle continue burning in a safe space in your home until it burns out on it’s own or run it under cold water.


I love this ritual and immediately feel the affects on my mind, body and soul as well as my physical space. I also use the smudging process to cleanse my client’s aura in sessions upon request or when it feels appropriate in our spiritual coaching sessions. If you feeling any negative energy and can’t seem to shake it off or experiencing any anxiety, worry or fear it could be that you are holding on to old stagnant energies that no longer serve you. Book a coaching call with me to learn how you can release what no longer serves you and progress further and faster in your life with the support of aura cleansing and spiritual coaching >>>Click here<<<<

I hope this served you. Happy smudging!

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