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November 9, 2016
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February 7, 2017
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How to love yourself everyday

As women, we often go to the wrong of us. We think we are being kind to ourselves but when we take a closer look there are things we are doing to damage our mental peace and sense of self.

Unloving things we do to ourselves:

  • Worry: Think about the worst case scenarios, obsessive thinking, negative thinking cycle basically using your imagination for bad.
  • Eat poorly: Not enough or properly with nutritious food, vitamins, and water.
  • Criticize our bodies
  • Compare ourselves to others: Thinking everyone else has a better life or is better than you.
  • Talk bad about ourselves: To others or within our own self-talk
  • Chase after people who treat us poorly or don’t make us a priority
  • Put everyone’s needs before our own: Don’t make enough time self care and “filling up our own tank”

I know this because I am sometimes guilty of it. This really does rob our sense of peace, self and happiness. We can be our own worst enemy bringing ourselves down to the point where our bodies, minds and spirits can’t take it then it leads to a breakdown (emotional, physical, spiritual and/or mental).

I have created a ‘Self-Love Schedule’ to help make conscious decisions to treat ourselves better. This will also bring awareness to what you may have been doing that isn’t serving you. Each day of the week is dedicated to one act of self-love so whatever day it is focus on that task throughout the day and notice how your energy and sense of well-being shifts. Practice, practice, practice and soon you will notice when you aren’t being loving to yourself, you’re old behaviour will feel foreign and  easier to get back on track. Plus, the more you treat yourself with love, the higher standard you set for others to treat you and set a good example for your kids and loved ones.


  • MON-Think about what can go right instead of wrong.
  • TUES- Nourish body with plant based foods & water.
  • WED- Stand in front of the mirror and compliment every part of your body & how beautiful you are!
  • THURS-Make a list of all the things you’ve accomplished (big & small)
  • FRI- Stop chasing people who don’t put you first. Call a loyal friend!
  • SAT- Put your needs first. Book a nails or massage appt or get a babysitter and do absolutely nothing!!!
  • SUN- Write & recite positive affirmations about yourself (I am beautiful, I am strong, I am loved, I am special…)
  • EVERYDAY- I am worthy & deserving of love! 

I hope this list helps. Please share your thoughts and feedback below once you have tried some of these. This always helps me shift my energy  and refill my love tank. It brings me back to peace and reminds me that we are made up of love so it is our innate right to live everyday oozing that energy but we are not able to do that when we deplete our own tank. We always have the power to refill our own.



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