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November 10, 2017
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January 4, 2018
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Would you like to learn how to set healthy boundaries with others without telling them? This is very possible! Here are 3 easy steps that are proven to work when you work them 🙂

How to Set Healthy Boundaries with Others Without Actually Telling them:

  • SET CLEAR BOUNDARIES, with yourself that is! We often complain how others treat us but we are the one who allows it. So if you’re noticing that you are left drained after a conversation with a friend or family member, then you have to make a decision and be clear in your mind that you will not engage in any low vibrating (gossip, complaining, bashing, negative) talk. You must choose what you DO want to experience – for example, high vibrating, uplifting, supportive conversations.
  • SET IT ENERGETICALLY – Once you are clear in your mind what you want to experience then you must set that into motion energetically. It’s just not about saying it and expecting others to abide by it – you must FEEL that boundary within and set the boundary energetically. What that means is if you’ve decided not to hang around negative, gossiping people then you must feel what is it like to be around positive, uplifting group of people. Close your eyes and set this boundary by feeling what that would feel like, what that would look like, what the experience of that must be like. Then invite the contrast of that in  – see/feel the low negative vibrations bounce off you, and imagine yourself saying “no” energetically to anything that feels less than what you want to experience.
  • FOLLOW THROUGH PHYSICALLY – Then in “real life”, you must be prepared to walk away and make decisions that support and strengthen the boundary you have set for yourself. Again, this does not have to involve anyone else, you can do all of this on your own knowing. For example, if you decide you will not engage in draining, negative decisions with a loved one then you must decide what actions will best support your boundary – would it be walking away into another room, saying “interesting” to neutralize the situation, or limit the amount of phone or in-person interactions? Whatever it is, it must support and follow through on your boundary that you set otherwise if you don’t honor your boundaries, no one else will!

Trust me, this works. Once I decided to set boundaries for my friendships and family relationships, things started to change without me having to speak a word to anyone. I decided for myself what was best for me, what I want to experience and I choose based on what fuels me verses drains my energy.

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