Episode 4 – 3 Reasons Your Intuition Doesn’t Work

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June 6, 2019
episode 16
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June 21, 2019
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Episode 4 – 3 Reasons Your Intuition Doesn’t Work

episode 16

In Episode 4 of Words of Wisdom Podcast, I share 3 Reasons Your Intuition Doesn’t Work.

episode 4 You may be thinking, “I don’t have an intuition”, “When I listen to it it doesn’t work out in my favor” or “I don’t know when it’s my intuition speaking”. 

Does everyone have an intuition?

Yes, everyone has an intuition! If you feel like you don’t have one or are not intuitive it’s just because you have been conditioned out of it and/or haven’t nurtured it in a while. In this podcast I will share all this and more, ultimately reacquainting you with your intuition so that you can start making decisions from this place because when you do then life flows more in your favor and leads you to the highest and best outcome.

Here is what’s covered in Episode 4:

  • What is Intuition? [1:19]
  • Why it is Important to Utilize it? [2:11]
  • What happens when you ignore your intuition and why listening to it will lead you to the best outcome [2:45]
  • 3 reasons why your intuition doesn’t work [5:14]
    • Includes how to strengthen it
    • Why your “intuition” didn’t work out for you when you thought you used it
    • The missing factor in building your intuition
  • Fun- work to help you fine-tune your superhuman skill (intuition) and develop a solid trusting relationship with yourself  [20:34]


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