Episode 7 – Create the Life You Want Now

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June 27, 2019
episode 16
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July 26, 2019
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.Welcome to Episode 7 of Words of Wisdom! In this week’s episode, I will be sharing 3 Steps to Create the Life You Want Now!

episode 7Perhaps you are a go-getter: set your goals, go after them, and attain them but then feel “Oh…is this all there is?” and not as happy as you thought you would be. Or maybe you feel you’re always on the hunt for the next best thing and feel like you never quite get there. Or maybe you have no clue what kind of life you want, you just know you don’t want this life! Any of this sound familiar?

In this week’s episode of Words of Wisdom, I share with you 3 important steps to start creating the life you want now! Yes, now! By doing these steps you can start feeling clear, better and empowered to create the life you truly want without the overwhelm, doubt and confusion. And you can start witnessing changes in as little as 24 hours – 1 week. Results vary depending on the individual, effort, and commitment.

In this episode, I also include a powerful visualization that reveals the life that is truly possible for you. I really hope you enjoy!

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Will this really work?

As I always say, if you do the work then it will work for you. I don’t teach lessons and share tools that haven’t worked for me and my private coaching clients.

I know this stuff works because it has worked for me! Being a mom to a currently 1-year old, a coach and business owner, it’s easy to get lost, discouraged and feel under- accomplished. Even though I am doing a million and one things, I often need a reminder and don’t give myself enough credit.

When I put pen to paper a portal opens up within me and funnels crucial steps which I will be sharing with you today. These steps help give clarity, get refocus and see tangible shifts. I do this exercise often and when I look back it helps me see how much I have accomplished and also helps me feel happier and more at peace as I see my dreams taking place in front of me.


My hope for you in listening to this episode you can get refocused on what is really important to you, create strong pillars for your life and ultimately, not wait for your happiness but start living it now.

Here is what episode 7 of Words of Wisdom includes:

  • 3 Steps to Creating the Life You Want Now [2:35]
  • Powerful Visualization that clearly reveals the type of life possible for you [18:17]


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References used in Episode 7:

  • Free Clarity Call – Book a Free 30-minute call to get clear on your blocks, goals and how to overcome them. See if coaching is the right fit for you. Choose a time here!
  • Contact me directly at goddessofwisdom.ca

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