Episode 8 – Break the Negative Cycle You’re In

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Episode 7 – Create the Life You Want Now
July 17, 2019
episode 16
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August 2, 2019
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episode 16

Welcome to Episode 8 of Words of Wisdom! In this week’s episode, I will be sharing with you How to Break the Negative Cycle You’re In.

episode 7Do you feel like you’re in a never-ending cycle of lack, negativity, or missing the target when it comes to your money, relationships, or self-love? You try your hardest and best but can’t seem to get any further than where you started and end up back to square one? Bad news is – you are part of this cycle. Good news is you can break this cycle!

Today I share with you 3 steps on how to break the negative cycle you’re in.

Whether you feel like you can’t get ahead in your finances, can’t find the love of your life or feel crummy about yourself, today’s episode will give you a refreshing look on how you’ve been creating the cycle you are in and how to break that to create a more positive desirable new story for yourself.

I hope you enjoy!

Listen to Episode 8 now!

Here is what episode 8 of Words of Wisdom includes:

  • 3 Steps to Break the Negative Cycle You’re In [3:20]
  • Fun Soul Work to Break the Cycle & Create a New Cycle [24:41]
  • Special Offer [30:27]

As always, I love making spirituality practical and useful for you so in every episode I include some “fun soul work” to help you break through what is no longer serving you and step into the true essence version of you so you can live an amazing life from this place. At the end of the episode, I go into detail the steps you can take to start applying a real change in your life. You must listen to the full episode to get a full understanding of the steps involved and the instructions to apply in your life. Below are short-form notes to help you during your fun soul work. I can’t wait to hear how this goes for you – email me here!

Fun Soul Work Notes:

1. Write out the complaints you have around any area of your life you’re currently unhappy with. What are you affirming when it comes to money, relationships, love, yourself? Write them out. This brings this into awareness in order to start change.

2. What is the story you’re telling yourself (around this area of life)?

  • “The story I am telling myself is…”


3. Create a new story

  • Do The Work – apply the 4 questions
  • Take answer from #4 and create a vision around this…create a story around this and repeat to yourself at least 2x a day – once in the morning, once at night before you fall asleep



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