Episode 10 – Meditation for Healing & Clearing

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August 2, 2019
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August 29, 2019
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episode 18

Do you ever feel heavy, stressed or “bogged down”? Maybe you know what it is that is weighing you down or maybe you have no clue but you just know you need to shift out of how you’re feeling. Today in episode 10 of Words of Wisdom, I help you touch base with what is holding you down and help you clear and heal it at the core. I take you through an impromptu powerful meditation – even rain started falling during our meditation to help wash away your cares 🙂episode 10

Can meditation really help clear and heal your self?

It definitely can! Meditation is a powerful tool used since ancient times. It has helped me through some difficult moments in my life and I use it as a powerful tool with my private coaching clients. 

The reason it works so well is that it helps you get still and silence the ego-mind. It also makes you become super aware of what is going on in the ego-mind and body. This is where you experience unworthiness, insecurity, lack, scarcity, doubt, judgment, and fear. Once you become aware of the emotions and patterns you are holding you are in a better place to release this resistance. Most importantly, meditation helps you return to ‘receiving mode’ – the natural state of who you are and the state you need to be in order to receive abundance, love, and well-being.

Join me in this meditation to start releasing what is no longer serving you and experiencing what it feels like to return to the natural state.

I am ready to listen to episode 10 now!

Tips to help you meditate:

  • Find a quiet space
  • Designate 10 mins of uninterrupted time
  • Make yourself comfortable – sit in a chair with back supported, on the ground crosslegged, bring a blanket with you, wear comfy clothes, etc;
  • Make it special and something you look forward to – add candles, incense, gentle music in the background, hold your favorite crystal, whatever feels good to you!


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I really put my heart and soul into these episodes. I sincerely hope they are serving you in some way. Hearing from you would mean the world – please reach out to let me know how this podcast resonates with you.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for taking the time out to listen to this episode. If have been following me since the beginning of this journey, I am so appreciative of you.

My soul purpose is to help you and as many people as possible remember who they really are and operate from that place frequently.

Sending love & light to you always,


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