Episode 11 – Deep Release

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Episode 10 – Meditation for Healing & Clearing
August 29, 2019
episode 18
Episode 12 – 5 Ways to Ground in Overwhelm
August 29, 2019
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episode 18

Do you feel like you are going through a shedding and stepping into another version of you? We are always being called to do this. The trick is to embrace it and allow ourselves to take courageous steps into the unknown. I have gone through this many times before and going through a new level right now and it feels emotional but oh-so-damn good! Why the heck would I say this feels good? Because I love the feeling of releasing something I didn’t even realize was holding me back and feeling myself feel even more expanded and free. So today on Episode 11 of Words of Wisdom, I share with you one important factor that I find is often missing in releasing the old and allowing yourself to step into the next level in your self and life.episode 11

What are the steps to shedding?

If you have been following my podcast from the beginning you may have learned that our thoughts, emotions, vibrations, and actions feed into the reality we are (unconsciously) creating and experiencing right now.

What if I told you there was one more factor, a deeper level that hasn’t been revealed?

In this week’s episode, I reveal this step and guide you through a powerful meditation to restructure your creative power and state of being.

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What is in episode 11:

  • What is required in the process of shedding [3:16]
  • Thoughts create a physical response [5:34]
  • Evidence – Water Experiment by Dr. Emoto [9:55]
  • Can you change your physical experience? [14:00]
  • Cellular Reprogramming [18:14]


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