Episode 13 – Greater Abundance

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Episode 12 – 5 Ways to Ground in Overwhelm
August 29, 2019
episode 18
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September 4, 2019
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episode 13

Ready to take your view of abundance to the next level? This week on episode 13 of Words of Wisdom I have a very special guest! I had the honor of interviewing CEO of Happy Healthy Women, multi-preneur, my mentor, and friend, Natalie Colalillo. I couldn’t think of anyone better to talk to us about abundance. Natalie has impacted my life in many ways – one way being, helping me create great abundance within my business and life. Her story is captivating as she nearly went bankrupt but today experiences great success with multiple businesses. She is a shining light who continues to change lives and help many women all over  Canada create happiness, health, and success. She is here to share her story, wisdom, and guidance with us.episode 13

What is abundance?

Natalie explained abundance in such a beautiful and simple way. Abundance is all around us – it is the air, blades of grass, trees…everything around us. When you recognize abundance all around you and in you, it will flow to you.

“When you start seeing abundance in little tiny things that’s when you start attracting more abundance”- Natalie Colalillo

Listen to this podcast to hear an inspiring conversation on abundance, the #1 factor that takes you from scarcity to abundance and a powerful guided visualization where you receive a message that allows you to open up to more. You don’t want to miss this!

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