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August 29, 2019
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Have you been working hard to bring your desires to life? Looking to meet the love of your life, discover what you are meant to do for work, improve your money patterns once and for all? Do you feel like you are doing everything “right” but still not receiving what you deserve? Today in episode 14 of Words of Wisdom, I share with you one important factor that is stopping the manifestation of your desires from happening.episode 14

What’s receiving got to do with it?

Have you ever known someone who was looking to find their life partner for years only to discover it was the person right in front of them all along? (I.e. Me when  I realized the person I was meant to be with was a guy I was crushing on since I was 7 years old!?) The reason it took so long to recognize it was because I wasn’t willing to truly receive what I was asking for.I had some blocks up which prevented “the one” from coming into my life.

For one reason or another, we set unconscious agreements or walls with ourselves that prevent the very thing we are asking for from showing up.

Until you take intentional steps to discover your blocks or take the time to clear your path to receive, only then will the final piece of the puzzle fall into place.

For me, once I did the internal work I discovered I set an agreement with myself of “I will never allow myself to love like that again” which blocked me from receiving “The One”. I unconsciously built a wall around my heart to protect myself from getting hurt again, but it also blocked my Husband from walking into my life.

The thing about walls is they protect you from potentially ever getting hurt again but they also do a damn good job at keeping what you want from ever coming in contact with you.

It wasn’t until I recognized these blocks and did the energetic work and healing around breaking down the walls was my Husband able to walk into my life.

Often, if not always, we are the only ones standing in our way to receiving our good.

So in this week’s episode of Words of Wisdom Podcast, we address your receivability (is that a word? well now it is!), in other words, your ability to receive. I go deeper into accessing your receiving power and lead you through a spoken-word exercise to recognize what your blocks and resistance is to receive what you want.

Listen to episode 14 now!

Ready for more support?

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So what are you waiting for? Receive one-on-one attention to transform your life in the shortest amount of time.  I have helped clients:

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