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October 29, 2019
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Are you trying to conceive a baby or have a desire you are trying to birth into life? In episode 19 of Words of Wisdom, I had the honor and pleasure to interview Naturopathic Doctor & Fertility Fanatic, Sarah Oulahen Turner. In this episode, Sarah shares her personal story of how she manifested her baby along with other wonderful aspects of her life.

We discuss 3 principles that contribute to manifesting her baby and these same principles can apply to actualize any other desires in your life. We also talk about the importance of the emotional and energetic aspects along with mental and physical health when bringing about your desire/baby. Our conversation naturally takes us into conscious parenting, how our children are our greatest teachers and how fear is bound to show up when you are trying to birth something miraculous in your life. This is a very energizing conversation that I hope you will enjoy.

Episode 19Listen to Episode 19 – Manifest Your Baby Now!

What are you trying to birth in your life right now? Are you taking solid action? Feeling bogged down energetically? Losing hope? Is your mind consumed in worry and fear?

“Fearful conditioning will come up no matter what you are trying to birth in your life” – Minerva

Part of birthing something requires the “death” of a different aspect of you. Sarah and I had an in-depth conversation about the different factors at play when manifesting your baby or any desire you want. Fear is bound to show up but it’s in your best interest and power to shed what no longer serves you to protect the sanctity and sacredness of your desires.

In order to manifest any desire in your life with ease and flow, it all comes down to every aspect of yourself being in alignment; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I love how a Naturopath Doctor can attest to the power of the spiritual world playing an equally important role as the physical world, in bringing to life her beautiful babies and her life at large.

Listen to Episode 19 – Manifest Your Baby Now!

Episode 19 – Show Notes:

  • Intro [0:43]
  • 3 Principles [8:55-15:55]
  • How to Stay Present [18:17]
  • Conscious Parenting [19:30]
  • Children are our greatest teachers [20:22]
  • Rapid Fire Questions [29:00]

It was a pleasure to have Sarah on Words of Wisdom. To learn more about Sarah and her Naturopath Clinic in Toronto, Sow Health, please visit www.sowhealth.ca/ and follow her on Instagram @dr.sarah.oulahen.turner

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