Hi! I’m Minerva Maharajh, the Goddess of Wisdom!

(That’s the meaning of my first name!)

I’m a Certified Life & Spiritual Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner, Retreat Facilitator and Instructor with the Life Purpose Institute. I am also recognized as an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation. I am also the host of the Words of Wisdom Podcast.

My purpose is to show others it’s possible to live heaven on earth. I have mastered an ever-evolving approach of integrating the spirit being with the human self. With my unique coaching style of combining life & spiritual coaching with powerful energy work I have helped hundreds of clients find their soul-purpose work, attract their life partner, increase their salary, get promoted, but my most favorite, help them transform from the inside out into the highest and truest being they were meant to be.

My signature private coaching program, Unleashed and Eat. Meditate. Love retreats has a 99.9% success rate of my clients accomplishing their goals in 3 months or less!

I am passionate about helping you remember who you truly are – because when you do all that you’ve ever wanted and more is possible for you!

Professional Bio:
Minerva Maharajh is a Certified Life & Spiritual Coach, Chakra Aura Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner, Retreat Facilitator, Instructor with the Life Purpose Institute and Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

Minerva found Goddess of Wisdom Spiritual Life Coaching in 2015 after a 3 month soul-searching journey and “intuitive download”. Since discovering her purpose she hasn’t stopped helping others live heaven on earth. Minerva is lovingly referred to as “the Goddess of Wisdom” not just because it’s the meaning of her name but because she lives up to this truth. She has mastered an approach of integrating practical life tools with deep powerful spiritual processes that has helped many of her clients experience their greatest personal and life transformation in the shortest amount of time. Her signature coaching program, Unleashed and Eat Meditate Love Retreats witnessed many clients experience their greatest life changes.

Prior to discovering her true passion and purpose as a Spiritual Life Coach, Minerva enjoyed a successful career in Film & TV as an actress and dancer, performing for the NBA Toronto Raptors and was honored to be chosen as the NBA All-Star dancer for the Toronto Raptors. She also worked with celebrity artists such as Massari, Karl Wolf, Akshay Kumar, Carly Rae Jepson and seen on Raptors TV, Slice TV, CBC News, several independent films, and commercials for Budweiser, Sony Walkman, Esquire, Big Brother & Listerine. Since becoming a Spiritual Life Coach, Minerva has had the honor of guest speaking for the CFL Toronto Argonauts Cheerleaders, CI Investments, Toronto Police Service and work with clients from NBA Toronto Raptors Dance Pack. She is also the host of the Words of Wisdom Podcast.

Minerva truly believes we are all meant to live heaven on earth (unfortunately not everyone is aware or lives out this truth in this lifetime) but her purpose is to prove that its possible. In addition to always improving her coaching programs, she is a living testimony of living heaven on earth.

Born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario, Minerva now lives in Pickering, Ontario with her loving husband (whom she met at 7 years old), her beautiful daughter, Maya Luna and sweet Maltipoo, Tulip, doing work she absolutely loves doing while balancing spending time with her family, connecting with nature, going on hikes and walks on the beach, yoga, meditate (almost) daily, and enjoys food, wine and travelling to high vibe places.


To empower as many people as possible to live heaven on earth by showing others how to integrate the spirit and human self in a seemless, practical way through various platforms.


To connect as many people as possible with the truth of who they really are through private coaching, world retreats, tv media, live stage, podcast, and books.


I lived the majority of my life feeling inferior and never good enough. This effected my romantic relationships, friendships, money, work and my sense of self. Disconnected from my truth left me feeling anxious, depressed and insecure. 

It wasn’t until I really connected with my spirituality I was able to heal all wounds and achieve my greatest desires. Spirit and Soul has all the answers and guidance that lead me to the life I’ve always wanted and to become the person I was destined to be. If it wasn’t for Spirit/Source/God, Higher Self and Soul I wouldn’t have found my life partner, purpose, increase of money, health and way more.

I want to help make it easy and attainable for others to remember who they truly are. I want to show as many people as possible they can access heaven on earth within and live this out in their current reality.


  • Limitless Possibilities
    • Believe in limitless possibilities within ourself and life – even if you can’t see it lean into the faith of it
  • Infinite Being
    • Lead from this place, see it in ourselves and others
  • Ever-evolving
    • Understanding it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. We are always evolving, always improving.
  • No judgement, Only Love
    • You can do both. When you eliminate judgment you open up space for love. Lead with this and you cannot fail.