destined desires workshop

Are you feeling discouraged about your goals?

Wonder if it will ever happen for you or if you’re meant to watch other people achieve their dreams from the sidelines?

Do all your actions feel all for naught and wonder if your efforts are actually getting you anywhere?

If so, some of the reasons could be you have been striving for something that is not truly yours but told to achieve, you’ve lost sight of your true goals or you’ve gone about it the wrong way to make it happen.

If this speaks to you, then my Destined Desires Online Workshop is a perfect place to start.

Here I take you through a simple 3 step process to rediscover the divine desires genuinely meant for you to manifest, feel reinvigorated with your goals again and gain momentum again, and realign your action steps so you are making traction towards your goals.

Here is what we’ll accomplish in our online workshop:

Decide your Destined Desires online workshop

Rediscover and become clear on the desires and goals meant for you to achieve. Lack of clarity and outside noise tends to distract you from making them happen.

Discover Your Destined Desires Online Workshop

Set your desires into motion with one simple step while activating deep trust and momentum within your entire being and sending out a ripple effect frequency into the Universe.

Realign the action steps and walk away with a clear plan for making your desires come to life.  No longer waster time spinning your wheels or wondering if your hard work will pay off.

Destined Desires. Online workshop with minerva maharajh

In this online workshop, you will receive:

  • 1-hour online training to re-discover, re-activate, and re-align your steps toward bringing to life the desires meant for you
  • Lifetime access to the recording to revisit your ‘ah-ha’ moments
  • Lifetime access to notes/slides to have easy access to the exercises and reflection questions
  • An opportunity for Q & A to ask me anything about your next steps on manifesting

Destined Desires details

Receive immediate access to the class and slides

1 hour in length

Ask a question and receive a direct response within 24-48 hours

$25 CAD special price (valued at $111)

DISCLAIMER: This is a pre-recorded event. Once you register, you will be redirected to a private Facebook group where you will access the class, and slides and have an opportunity to ask a question and receive an answer from Minerva. You will have lifetime access to the class. There are no refunds once registration and payment are made. For any additional questions please contact our office at: