EAT. MEDITATE. LOVE Weekend Retreat

If you’re an open-minded soul who’s ready to unleash healing, hope and a happier version of you –  join us in Prince Edward County, Ontario for an unforgettable journey back to your true self!

Are you…

  • Tired of carrying the heavy weight of the past?
  • Bruised by love and don’t know how to open your heart again?
  • Constantly feeling worried, doubtful and anxious?
  • Feeling bogged down and stuck?
  • Someone who “use to be” so spiritual?

Would you love to…    

  • Find inner peace and get centered?
  • Strengthen the spiritual connection with yourself and/or with a loved one?
  • Open your heart to receive the best in love, work, family, and friends?
  • Feel free, inspired and amazing about yourself and life again?
  • Gain a new empowered perspective on life and foundational tools to create the life you truly desire and deserve?

But this is what’s stopping you…

  • You’ve tried doing it yourself and solve the problem from inside the ‘muck’ but it’s just not getting any better (and probably won’t from that place),
  • You’re close to giving up, don’t know what else you could do or how to get there,
  • Starting to think “maybe this is the way life is” and considering to accept where you are, what is and what happened as the cards you were dealt…

But there is something inside you that has brought you here and knows there has to be more…

Eat Meditate Love header 2 (1)

Hi! I’m Minerva, a Certified Life & Spiritual Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Speaker, Retreat Leader and founder of Goddess of Wisdom Spiritual Life Coaching. I help beautiful souls like you, live heaven on earth. I’ve created a one of a kind retreat called, Eat. Meditate. Love to help you catapult your mission to live your best life and be your best self. First, in order to get there, I show you how to let go of past hurts in a deeply meaningful way, get present (this is the sweet spot where the magic happens), and reprogram old mindsets and patterns that no longer serve you so we can  unleash the true you!  “What does it mean to unleash the true you”, you ask? It means unlocking your true needs, wants, desires, and power within so you can align to who you truly are and what you were meant to experience in this lifetime –  joy & happiness.  So I take you away to a magical place to share with you my latest and greatest experiential, out of the box processes to support your transformation from the inside out.  My teachings incorporate practical life tools with powerful, in-depth spiritual processes that are aimed at the total transformation of mind, body, and soul. In doing so, you experience real results over a shorter period of time with step-by-step tools you can take away to continue strengthening your spirit on your journey.

You’ll come away from this retreat with: 

  • More peace, calm & excitement for a brighter future,
  • Lifelong tools you can take away and use for life to return to that zen, peaceful feeling,
  • Clarity of self and your path with a fool-proof plan to create the life you truly desire and deserve!

Here is what you’ll learn at Eat. Meditate. Love:

  • How to meaningfully release, heal and set yourself free from past hurts
  • How to release unhealthy, self-sabotage behaviors and patterns that no longer serve you
  • How to naturally operate from the true essence of you (love, ease, flow) so that life will start working more in your favor!
  • How to slow down and receive answers to your next steps in life,
  • How to feel alive, vibrant and live the best version of you that you are proud of (and can return to it anytime!)
  • How to honor yourself, your truth and set loving boundaries,
  • How to improve your relationships with loved ones,
  • How to listen and strengthen your intuition to know what decisions are right for you,
  • Real tangible tools to turn up your self- confidence and blueprint to create the life you truly desire, dream & deserve!


Are we a match-made-in-heaven?

This retreat is for you if…

  • You’re open-minded, on a spiritual journey, or interested in starting one
  • You take responsibility for your actions and life and choose not to sit back and let life happen to you
  • You feel an urge that there is something greater in store for you and ready to unleash the greatness within!

This retreat is NOT for you if…

  • You like to complain about how bad your life circumstance is and not do anything about it,
  • You don’t believe in any greater intelligence and life is just what meets the eye,
  • You believe life is happening TO you and not FOR you, and you have no say where life is going to take you…


Read this before you decide… 5 Questions to Consider When Joining a Meditation Retreat

and hear what these beautiful souls have to say about Eat. Meditate. Love…


What’s Included in Your Retreat Package:

  • 2-night accommodations in a Lakeside Country Retreat with access to a private beach
  • 6 Organic and energizing meals & snacks
  • Daily Morning Guided Meditations to Get Into Vibrational Alignment – Daily tune-up to get in sync with the Universal flow of good, love and well-being
  • Daily Transformational Workshops – dive deep & discover aspects of yourself that are blocking what you want & allow your desires to come to life
  • Materials & Keepsakes to solidify & commemorate your powerful learnings
  • Fire Shamanic Healing Ceremony- Deep healing process to release the pains of the past and set your spirit free
  • Rejuvenating Time in Mother Nature – time alone and gently guided exercises to connect, heal and receive answers from Mother Earth
  • Candlelight Yoga – Restore & relax the mind, body, and soul with an evening yoga class to support a restful night sleep

Value over $3000

Plus these great bonuses!

  • Abundance Bundle – Welcome gifts to support your weekend transformation
  • “Divine Love” Guided Meditation MP3 – Receive your own copy of a powerful meditation to continue your breakthroughs after the retreat is complete!
  • Wisdom Wear Crystal Bracelet – receive your own high vibe semi-precious crystal bracelet to clear, balance and activate your energy!

Value over $150


Next Retreat: September 28-30th, 2018

Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada



  • Shared Accommodations $855 CAD + 13% HST= $966.15 CAD TOTAL (Includes retreat registration, activities, materials, meals, shared room & HST)
  • Semi- Private Accommodations $875 + 13% HST = $988.75 CAD TOTAL (Includes retreat registration, activities, materials, meals, semi-private room & HST)
  • Private Accommodations $905 CAD + 13% HST= 1022.65 CAD TOTAL (Includes retreat registration, activities, materials, meals, private room & HST)


April 6-8th, 2018- 2 Private Rooms (SOLD OUT!) | 4 Shared Rooms/Spots (2 LEFT!)

Sept 28-30th, 2018 – 1 Private Rooms (SOLD OUT!) | 2 Semi-Private Rooms (2 LEFT!) |6 Shared Rooms/Spots (4 LEFT!)


Eat. Meditate. Love SOLD OUT for 2017 so act fast to book your 2018 spot!

Prices are subject to change at any time – Book now to avoid price increase or disappointment- Photos of rooms listed below

Limited Space | First come first serve | Registration closes 2 weeks before retreat date

About Minerva:

blog pic (1)

Minerva Maharajh Certified Life & Spiritual Coach Owner of Goddess of Wisdom Spiritual Life Coaching

Hello again, I’m Minerva! I’m a Certified Life & Spiritual Coach, and Retreat Leader.

I’m also the owner of Goddess of Wisdom Spiritual Life Coaching – a transformational coaching company specializing in the integration of the human and spirit self. I’ve worked with NBA Toronto Raptors, CFL Argo Cheerleaders & Toronto Police just to name a few.

I have been attending retreats as well as running my own retreats for years, and know the life-changing effect retreats can have on people.

In 3 short years, I’ve had the honor of supporting my amazing clients with miraculous changes in 3 months or less! With my one-of-a-kind retreat, Eat. Meditate. Love, I have found a way to compact the experience and witness major transformations in just one weekend! 

This is what I want to SHARE WITH YOU! So I have created a simple yet powerful step-by-step plan to teach you some of my greatest tools so that you can:

  • Feel confident about yourself and your future,
  • Make the right decisions that align with your truth and your purpose in life,
  • Live a high vibrating life – because that is what you were put on this earth for!

This is a life-changing experience you don’t want to miss!


This Country Retreat is located in Prince Edward County, Ontario – approximately 2-2.5 hours away from Toronto, Canada. Our venue consists of 2 main buildings offering both private and shared accommodations.


The first building is The Main House. The Main House consists of two private bedrooms (Queen Bed & Queen Sofabed) and one shared room with bunk beds (4 Double beds) overlooking a private beach. All guests will share the beautiful modern bathroom. Fresh bed linens and towels will be provided. All workshop sessions, meditations, and meals will take place upstairs on the main floor. (Click on the photo below to enlarge)



The Country Retreat also consists of a beautifully updated chalet that is just outside the Main House. It consists of two semi-private bedrooms (Queen Bed & Queen Sofabed) and one shared room (2 Twin Beds). Full Bathroom and kitchen available for chalet guests. Also situated on the private beach. (Click on the photo below to enlarge)


“LIFE CHANGING!!! The flow of the entire weekend was well planned. Minerva was able to pull the flow of love by the exercises used. Eat. Meditate. Love was about finding the love within and honor your true self. Thank you!”- Jamelia
“Minerva’s retreat was exactly what I needed in my life. I have a beautiful life and achieved success & love, but there has been something missing, and this retreat has given me just that.”- Natalie
“The ‘Eat. Meditate. Love’ Retreat was a great way to reconnect with myself and engage in self care. The food was delicious. Minerva was organized and there was clearly a lot of thought and purpose in the planning of this event. Love that we have tangible takeaways to keep being mindful of all the learnings. Thank you, Minerva!” – Chantal
“I would urge anyone who thinks ‘I should do this!’ to say “YES!”. Take a deep breath and just jump with both feet. You are worth it!” – Rosanna
“Another transformation phase, a new level of awareness and appreciation and understanding for who I am and why I am and what I am. I’m so grateful for Minerva, the retreat and my fellow participants” – Suse
“The Eat. Meditate. Love Retreat was a blessing to my soul. It was spiritually transformative and practical at the same time. I feel so eager and excited to get back to “life” and practice all that I’ve learned and remembered 🙂 ” – Andrea
“I am so grateful for this beautiful experience, the people around me, the things I have learned, expressed and felt, and for Minerva. This weekend was life-changing. It grounded me, gave me a new sense of being, a freedom and the tools I need to move forward as a better me”- Cassie
“I can thank you enough for providing a platform for the both of us to further our spiritual quests to higher selves. We truly are so grateful for the experience and the friendships and connections we made that weekend. “- Jamie P.
“First of all, may I say Minerva is so organized and every detail was thought through from the time I registered. I was already feeling a shift before we arrived. Once we came, we were greeted with open arms. The accommodations were so grounding – the outdoor space was perfect. Every exercise was really meaningful and was done with such expertise. Minerva knows what you need and helps guide you to the next level. There was enough time for everything. There was never a dull moment and I was made to feel that the trust and privacy were very secure. Thank you, Minerva xoxo”- Anja


  • GENERAL: This retreat is CO-ED, open to both men & women. The nature of this retreat includes a balance of spiritual & personal development (guided meditations, visualizations, daily workshops and indoor/outdoor activities) as well as time to rest and relax in nature and on your own.
  • SCHEDULE: Please plan to arrive between 4-6pm on Friday to enjoy some downtown before the program begins and to ensure a prompt start. Welcome, and Opening Ceremony begins at 6:30 pm prompt – no exceptions! Followed by dinner and continuation of the program. Retreat ends at 2-3pm on Sunday.
  • MEALS: All meals and snacks will be provided starting with Friday dinner and ending with Sunday lunch. The meals are geared towards clean eating with a comfort food theme providing a mix of vegan and vegetarian plates created by Five Star Chef Chris. This is to ensure our bodies are animal and toxin-free to promote a clear and open channel mind, body and energy to support a greater transformation. Past retreat participants who were mostly meat eaters didn’t feel the difference or deprived of the delicious food options provided. For any allergies, dietary restrictions or preferences, please notify us upon registration and we will do our best to meet your needs.
  • ACCOMMODATIONS: The Country Retreat is an Air B & B located in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. It consists of two buildings: Main House and The Chalet (May, June & Sept Retreats Only). Both buildings are seconds from each other and overlook a private beach. A mix of private and shared bedrooms are available, all with shared bathrooms, clean bedding and towels provided. Rooms are reserved on a ‘first paid first serve basis’. See photos and descriptions listed above for more details.
    • Accommodations are booked through a TICO Certified Travel Agent – Amanda Drexler /Travel Agents In Action. See booking process below under ‘REGISTRATION & PAYMENT’.
  • ACTIVITIES: The weekend includes a mix of indoor and outdoor activities regardless of weather. A full checklist will be provided one week before retreat date to assist with planning. Please ensure you are packed and well-prepared with all types of clothing and equipment needed for comfort. Activities include meditation indoors and outdoors, sitting around a firepit, yoga, and outdoor activities in mother nature.
    • “Unhook”: For the duration of the retreat from Friday at 6:30 pm to Sunday 3 pm all participants will be asked to hand in all technology from cell phones, cameras, tv, radios, laptops, iPods, i-Pads, Kindle readers, Google watches, and any other electronic devices. This is to ensure no distractions from the outside world to focus on your internal world.  There will be time to capture your experience before and after the retreat. If you foresee this being a problem (medical reasons, dependents, etc;) please speak to Minerva prior to registration and she will be happy to make alternate arrangements that ensure the comfort and respect for you and all involved. No exceptions will be made if not discussed prior to retreat start date.  All retreat participants will receive a private number to share with loved ones in case of emergency.
    • No alcohol or recreational drugs allowed: Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside of the main house with reasonable space given to the other proximal participants and respect to the environment.
    • Full Participation: To receive the full benefit of the program, participants are asked to take part in all activities and workshop sessions as the work is cumulative and carefully constructed to achieve results.
    • Stay on Grounds: For the duration of the retreat, participants are asked to stay on the retreat grounds at all times to ensure safety and allow an organic flow of the program.  For any participants that do not honor the schedule, other participants and/or disrupt the program in any way will be asked to leave without reimbursement.
  • WHAT TO BRING: A welcome package that includes a full packing list will be provided to participants via email well one week before your retreat date to assist with packing and preparation for your weekend retreat. Premises is safe however please leave all valuables at home.
  • REGISTRATION & PAYMENT: There are 2 easy steps to register for our retreat! Please note to ensure the high quality and intimacy of this retreat, limited spots are available therefore confirmed registrations are on a ‘first paid basis’ along with a signed retreat registration form. Registration closes 2 weeks before retreat date.
    • STEP 1– To ensure this retreat is the right fit for you, please contact Minerva directly to address any questions you may have and check availability: Minerva Maharajh – Goddess of Wisdom Spiritual Life Coaching, (647) 272-7312 / (BN# 251193454)
    • STEP 2– Once your spot is approved, booking and payments can be paid to Amanda Drexler – Travel Agents In Action- 2 County Court Blvd, Brampton, ON L6W 3W8, Head Office: 1-800-909-7556 x 110 Direct Line: 519-766-6895 / /  (TICO # 50022828)
    • Shared Accommodations $855 CAD + 13% HST= $966.85 CAD TOTAL (Includes retreat registration, activities, materials, meals, shared room & HST)
    • Semi-Private Accommodations $875 CAD + 13% HST= $988.15 CAD TOTAL (Includes retreat registration, activities, materials, meals, semi-private room & HST)
    • Private Accommodations $905 CAD + 13% HST= 1022.65 CAD TOTAL (Includes retreat registration, activities, materials, meals, private room & HST)

To register, please follow the 2 steps listed above. This is to ensure the retreat is the right fit for you before payment is made. Once retreat spot is approved, you will receive a registration form to fill out and submit to Minerva; then an invoice from Amanda Drexler from Travel Agents In Action to whom payment will be made. Once registration form and payment are received your spot will be 100% confirmed. 

  • PAYMENT OPTIONS: Payment plan options are available for a small additional charge with final payment due six weeks before retreat start date.
    • Shared, Semi-Private or Private Room Accommodations, divide the above price by 2 payments plus an additional $50 administrative fee to opt-in to a payment plan. Final Payment is due six weeks before retreat date.
  • FORMS OF PAYMENT: Cash, Personal Cheque ($25 NSF fee), E-transfers or Credit Card (3.5% service charge). All payments must be made to Amanda Drexler – Travel Agents In Action- 2 County Court Blvd, Brampton, ON L6W 3W8, Head Office: 1-800-909-7556 x 110 Direct Line: /  (TICO # 50022828)
  • REFUND & CANCELLATION POLICY: Your payment includes a $300 (includes 13% HST) non-refundable/non-transferable deposit. If remaining payment has been made, the remainder will be refunded minus the deposit if written cancellation (email or written letter) is received 30 days before retreat start date. After that, no refunds allowed unless space is filled at which point the above refund applies. If for any reason the retreat is canceled, you will receive a full refund of all monies paid.
  • TRAVEL INSURANCE: Travel Insurance is available – please speak to our travel agent, Amanda Drexler from Travel Agents In Action for more details (contact info listed above).
    • CARPOOL: If you are interested in carpooling (offer or join) please notify us upon registration and a list can be started. Please note spots are not held until carpooling plans are figured out. Once your name is on a list and other participants registers as ‘interested’ we will provide you with the details to get in touch with one another.
    • COACH BUS: If you are unable or prefer not to drive, Ontario Coachway Door to Door Shuttle Service provides a shared ride service from Toronto Pearson International Airport directly to our retreat location. For more details on rates, schedule and booking, please VISIT HERE or call 1-888-677-4287
    • Please note: The above transportation details are only suggestions to assist with your travels plans. Transportation costs and arrangements are not included in the retreat registration fee and are the sole responsibility of the traveler.
  • COACHING: To experience a greater transformation, past retreat participants enrolled in 1-on-1 Private Coaching in addition to the retreat. This is not required but highly recommended although the retreat provides ground-breaking work and foundational tools, 1-on-1 coaching provides individualized in-depth work catered to your unique needs, blocks, patterns, behaviors, and experiences. For this purpose, a 10% discount towards any coaching package is reserved for any retreat participant to use prior or immediately after the retreat (must be purchased before retreat start date). For more details on our private coaching packages- CLICK HERE!
  • RETREAT ADDRESS: The Country Retreat, 65 Wells Lane, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. *Please note: This is not our mailing address- please contact Minerva if mailing retreat registration.
  • LIMITED SPACE: To ensure high quality and intimacy of each retreat, limited spots are available: 6-8 SPOTS for April and 10-12 SPOTS for May, June & September retreat dates. Contact us to avoid disappointment and book your spot today!




Prince Edward County, Ontario