Wisdom Wear

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Wisdom Wear Care Instructions:

I hope you enjoy your Wisdom Wear made with Love & Light! To preserve your precious item, please avoid excessive pulling and handle with care. To clean, hold your charm/tassel (if included) between your index finger & thumb to avoid water and tarnish. To cleanse your crystals, here are a few options:

  • Water: Run stones under cold water until your intuition tells you it’s clean.
  • Smudging: While burning a bundle of sage, hold your Wisdom Wear jewels in the smoke and affirm “I now cleanse this of any low and negative energies. May the Highest & healing properties be restored”.
  • To charge your crystal jewelry, leave in sunlight or moonlight up to 4 hours max (works on even cloudy days).
  • Intention & Visualization: You may set the same intention as the affirmation listed above and visualize a healing white light coming down cleansing, clearing and charging your crystal jewels.

Store in a clean, dry place in the sack or in natural made container such as glass, wood or stone.

Includes a 30 day restringing guarantee.