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January 4, 2016
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Happy Birthday to my Grandma in Heaven


Today is my Grandma Mary’s birthday as she celebrates in Heaven.
I think of her so strongly today as the sweet memories of her means so much to me.

She passed away last month on Thursday, January 14th @ 3:20pm.
That day remains so important to me in many ways.
One, I lost my dear grandma in the physical, but never in the spiritual. Secondly, she paid me a visit as she transitioned to the “other side” that I remember so vividly and will never forget, which also confirms our spiritual origins. Next, it was the day of my first practice client for my spiritual life coaching practice. I found out 45 minutes before my client arrived that my grandmother passed on. Some way, some how I found the strength in me to continue with my session. It still felt like divine timing and like I was being guided, and something told me to “just do it!”. As this was part of my examination to pass my life coaching diploma I decided to go through with it. The session was remarkable. It was honestly a big spiritual experience that neither me or my client will ever forget.

It was confirming that this was all part of a natural process of life and that we are always being divinely guided and everything occurs in divine time, even “death”. It’s more a REBIRTH from physical into the non-physical where new life begins.

As a dedication to my grandma on her “physical” birth here on Earth, I would like to share the eulogy I prepared and read at he viewing.

Good evening everyone and thank you all for being here to support our family during this time.
I would like to start with one of my favorite quotes, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings, having a human experience”.
On Thursday, January 14th, 2016 my dear grandmother, Mary Jagwanti Mahabir crossed over to be with the Lord and reunite with her soulmate and life partner, Cyril Ramdass Mahabir.
She came to this earth bearing 8 children (5 surviving), 10 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. She knew her purpose of being a loving and nurturing wife, mother and grandmother was complete when we told her we didn’t want her to suffer anymore – we’d be okay and would take care of each other. We each thanked her in our own way for all her love, hard work and commitment to our family. I believe her maternal instinct couldn’t be at peace until she knew her children were all going to be okay and that it was also okay to leave the physical to transition to the non-physical.
Last Thursday I was preparing to take a quick nap and suddenly I felt a strong presence and vision of my grandmother. I had a vision of her sitting in a chair at her old residence at Morningside Apartments smiling and laughing with me. I could see it so clearly and felt it so strongly. An unmistakeable message came to me of “Remember me this way”- I felt it through my body and soul – time stood still… I said okay I will and went to sleep. I woke up about 45 minutes later to the news of my grandmother’s passing. I went to sleep around 3:30pm and her death happened at 3:20pm. I believe her spirit came to me right as she passed to let me know she will be okay and remind me that keeping her memory alive will always mean I am connected to her. I remember her in loving, joyful and peaceful ways – that is who she is and the essence of what she is made up of so I could never actually lose my grandmother if I stay on the vibration of love.
Of course learning of her passing brought tears to my eyes as it did with many of us here tonight – however I find peace and calm knowing her spirit lives on and is with my grandfather & our Creator in Heaven. I know her spirit lives on because before we came into the physical we were spiritual beings who made a contract with God to come to Earth to fulfill our purpose. For my grandmother, that purpose was being a wonderful homemaker and a loving, hard-working wife, mother and grandmother. Once her duty was done here on earth, her spirit returned to be with the Father/God/Source/Our Creator.
Tonight let’s not be filled with sadness, but celebrate the beautiful process of a life transitioned back to original form-our Spiritual Self. You see, we can never be gone-perhaps in the physical but not in the spiritual. Our spirits live on and can never be destroyed, we are indestructible, we are eternal, we are light beings and manifestations of God Source. To be a manifestation of God Source means we are expansive, limitless and live eternally through Him.
I recently read a book over the holidays that strengthened my belief called “Proof of Heaven”. It’s a true story about a neurosurgeon who didn’t believe in God or a Higher Power. The more he practiced medicine the more he believed science was behind everything and less that there was a God, especially when he witnessed so many people suffering. One day, he became terribly sick and was rushed to the hospital where he fell into a coma. After numerous tests doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him but knew the outer part of his brain, the neocortex, was dead. By day 3 the doctors advised his family that if he ever woke up he would be a vegetable for the rest of his life but the longer he stayed in a coma it wasn’t likely he would survive. By day 7, the doctors had no hope for a recovery and suggested the family prepare to say their goodbyes. Miraculously, on the day it was scheduled to pull the plug – he woke up from his coma with no brain damage and a short road to recovery. When he came back to life he shared his Near-Death-Experience indicating that while he was in his 7 day coma he had travelled to the other side and saw Heaven. Of course many people, including his doctors didn’t believe him, as they couldn’t prove his story was true and concluded it was just a hallucination but how could that be true if the part of the brain that controls dreams and hallucinations was completely dead? His son advised him to write down his recollections of his heavenly experience without speaking to anyone or doing any research online. His recollections of his visit to Heaven included one of many beautiful messages he shared in his book:
“Ultimately, none of us are orphans. We are all in the position… in that we have other family: beings who are watching and looking out for us – beings we have momentarily forgotten, but who, if we open ourselves to their presence, are waiting to help us navigate our time here on earth. None of us are ever unloved. Each and every one of us is deeply known and cared for by a Creator who cherishes us beyond any ability we have to comprehend. “- p. 96
This beautiful message of unconditional love, never being alone or abandoned and knowing we are always being divinely guided is a modern day message of a timeless truth seen and heard throughout the Bible. To me this is proof that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. As humans, we may have momentary lapses of being disconnected to God/The Divine – when we are open to the Divine Guidance we will know and feel an undying love and connection to help us navigate our human experience here on earth.
This is all just the process of life- human and spiritual. I’m sure my grandmother enjoyed her time on earth – as did we having her guide us, mentor us and love us. Now, she has returned to her Maker, she’s with my grandfather and those who have gone before her. Think of my grandmother with fondest thoughts, the precious moments you shared in love with smiles, good talks and laughter for that is how she wants to be remembered and more so, that is the essence of who she is/was. That is the essence of who we all are, made in God’s image- LOVE.
Until our spirits meet again Grandma – I know you will be guiding me and your loved ones here on Earth.
Say hello to grandpa up there for us.
We all love you.

These are some words and thoughts I shared with others at my grandmothers viewing. It was emotional yet healing.

A few days later when we buried her, I woke up to the news that I passed my life coaching diploma and received 100% scoring.

I can’t help but think this is all divine intervention. I am on the right path. We are all on the right path. And that everything truly does happen for a reason, whether we understand it or not. Even in the midst of sadness and wonder, we get powerful moments of surety that there is indeed a higher power guiding, providing and protecting us.

Thank you Grandma if you played a role in my strength that day and surely, thank you for the role you played my entire life here in the physical and now as you guide me in the non-physical. I love and miss you.

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