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April 6, 2016
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Psychic agreements

I am learning a very powerful technique though the Life Purpose Institute called ‘psychic agreements’ where you release the psychic/psychological agreements we set with ourselves and with others,  whether we are aware of it or not.

I decided to do the exercise on myself and really loved it as I felt a shift and release in me. It’s a letter you write to yourself or another – you don’t send it, it’s just for your own personal use. You are prompted by certain questions of how you feel,  when it started,  what you are deciding to do about that psychic agreement moving forward,  etc.

For me,  I made an agreement so long ago that I should “dim my light” to make others feel comfortable, accepting and approving of me.  My outgoing,  enthusiastic and vocal self was met with “quiet down… You want too much… You always have to go overboard… You always want to be center of attention … That’s my thing not yours,  you should be something else”  and the list can go on. In turn I felt like I was doing something wrong or something was wrong with me so naturally I started to “tone it down”.  Doing this exercise I realized my natural self  is outgoing, energetic and confident but since I was a little girl and absorbed other people’s energies and words I started doubting and “turning down” that side of me.

I pursued entertainment type jobs for many years and experienced some success however it was ALWAYS met with doubt and a lot of self talk to get over myself-suck it up-get out there and dance (or act)! Confidence wasn’t my best friend.  It was more like a timid little girl hiding behind a wall peaking around the corner wanting to come out to play, and it took ALOT of convincing for her to come out and help me get through this next performance, audition or shoot. Sometimes she would just stay in hiding.

Now,  I realize what happened to that little girl. She always wanted to shine and come out to play.  She just listened to too many people who were threatened or scared to step into their own light. She bought into their fears,  their insecurities,  their conformities.

Today as my beautiful business continues to flourish and surpass my expectations I give that little girl permission to come out to play and stay for good.

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  1. Angie Fernandes says:

    Well written Minerva..happy you found yourself. Wish you all happiness and success.

  2. Devendra says:

    Fantastic! I’m happy you have realized this about yourself because many people go through life living in a timid state. Take back your own light!

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