BELIEVE IN THY SELF- When I didn’t & How I overcame it
July 15, 2016
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August 9, 2016
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This week I held a meditation & talk in Toronto on ‘Believing in Thy Self’. It was well received and warmed my heart to pieces the feedback I received from the participants. Here is what one member had to say:


I’m so excited for the next meet which will be on ‘Confidence: Where does it go when you need it most?’

In the interim, I wanted to share some powerful & practical insights to perhaps help you get a new perspective on believing in yourself and “3 HOW-TO’s” to implement this more easily into your life. Here are some highlights from the talk on Believing in Thy Self:

Believing in Thy Self means having faith in something greater outside of this moment.

In this moment, you may look at where you are & crave somewhere else to be- in your relationships, career, finance, health & life in general. It is “normal” for the average human being to settle and accept the current circumstances they have been given or created, but the above-average strives for something greater & knows there is something more than their current circumstance. The above-average strives for a greater vision of their lives, a greater version of themselves to be a greater influence in the world. It is calling out to you, that is why you are here, you know and want to be something more.

Often we are bogged down by the “average” way to be & think: it’s too hard, don’t dream too big or else you will get disappointed, have a backup plan, only the lucky get to the top, that’s impossible, it’s rare, it’s too hard, and the list can go on.

It’s actually not not normal to go after your dreams in the midst of the odds, what the masses tell you to and go the opposite direction and go after the “unconventional”.

Well my friends, let’s choose not to be normal! In the face of adversity and our current realities, if we want to be greater we must be willing to do what’s not normal and see outside of what’s in front of us. We must be willing to see past our current circumstances and capabilities. We must be willing to give up the limiting beliefs, lies told to us, overlook our current abilities, what others say about us and even what we say about ourselves.  Then we must look forward and have trust that our capabilities, the opportunities, the resources will show up & we will grow to help us reach the vastness of our vision. 

The most important thing is believing in our vision- something greater outside of this current moment. When you stay focused and trust you will uncover the resources you need, internally & externally to make that greater vision your current reality.

All of the greats we look up to now were in our same position at one point or another:

  • Oprah was demoted from her job as a news anchor because she was deemed “unfit for television”.
  • Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper because he lacked imagination.
  • Brandon  Burchard went bankrupt after leaving his corporate job to pursue his dreams as a writer and trainer.
  • I myself was told I would never amount to anything in dance nor making any money from it as a professional dancer because I started “too late” and  I only had “pretty” going for me.

If any of us had stopped based on our current circumstance- of what we thought about ourselves, what others thought about us or what the current reality deemed was our ability at the time then none of the greats wouldn’t be considered greats today. 

All greats are humans who choose to stay focused on their greater vision and not their current circumstances.

Believe in something greater outside of this moment.

I moved into an exercise I created for this talk that is called “FROM ME TO BE”. I will share the 3 main points to help you refocus your dream and bring awareness to it. Choose one desire or dream you have for yourself and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. ME– Where are you RIGHT NOW with your desire? What do you think, see, feel when it comes to your desire?
  2. BE- How will you know you have your desire? What would that look like? Feel like? Who would you BE once you receive it?
  3. THE IN BETWEEN– What is standing in the way of you (“ME”) and that thing that you BE? What does that look like, feel like, sound like (words you hear from you & others)?

This was a powerful exercise that was accompanied by a visualization to bring the participants closer to their vision and bring to the surface some blocks along their path. After both exercises they received some coaching to remove the blocks and limitation that stood between the “ME to BE”. Free mini coaching was given to each participant who wanted additional help to get closer to their vision, and it is available to you if you would like the extra support as well- Click ‘FREE MINI COACHING’ above or visit to sign up for your free mini coaching session!

The biggest lesson they took away from the talk is that in order to have that thing that they want, they have to BE it & BELIEVE they are it before it can manifest into reality. In the moments of doubt and despair, you must find a way to reconnect to your greater vision. If it’s hard for you to see or feel that vision then it’s probably not big enough or not YOUR dream, it could be something you think is for you but is actually somebody else’s dream.

Believe in something greater outside of THIS moment and you will be given the right tools, resources & opportunities to help you grow into the greatness of your vision and make it your new reality.


I invite you to join us on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016 in the Toronto Beaches for a powerful meditation & talk on ‘CONFIDENCE: WHERE DOES IT GO WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST?’ (Pre-registration required- click link attached). You will learn the next powerful tool in manifesting the life you truly desire and the greatness you know is calling out to you!


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