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September 20, 2016
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September 20, 2016
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Monthly Meditation & Talk

Last night I held my 4th GODDESS OF WISDOM MEDITATION & TALK and it was a success!

It always fascinates me how the people who come together are perfect for the meet and topic I am speaking on. They all walk away with something of value: a breakthrough in a meditation, clarity on why something has been happening or a new way or skill to approach something.

Last night’s topic was on ‘5 Powerful Steps to Manifesting Your Desires’. I broke down the steps of what’s been blocking or allowing your desires to show up in your life. All too often people DO the action part of achieving their dreams (take class, increase education & training, put themselves out there, workout, eat better, actively look for a job,etc;) or SPEAK or THINK positively but still find their desires and goals are not manifesting in their personal experience. My talk outlined the 5 things that are missing or often overlooked when it comes to manifesting. One of these steps could be the missing piece which leads to frustration, lack of hope, discouragement and ultimately giving up of your goals and dreams. This brings all levels and factors together in true alignment empowering you to create with more ease and confidence knowing your desires on just around the corner. Here is a clip from last night’s talk however I will be running this talk again as others have shown keen interest so after that I will be happy to post the 5 STEPS TO MANIFESTING with the “how-to’s”. Here is a little taste…

To attend my next monthly meditation & talk, please visit here  >>>Goddess of Wisdom Meditation & Talk for more details and save your spot today! *LIMITED SPOTS PER MEET*

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