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February 15, 2017
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March 10, 2017
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Is Your Heart Pure?

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 How many grudges do you hold?

Hi loves,

I am Sarah, Minerva’s assistant, contributing today to talk to you about the heaviness of grudges and unforgiveness. Staying true to the Goddess of Wisdom’s realm of Spirituality and Self-Development, rest assured that this post will be aligned with Minerva’s light and love.

This past Saturday, while listening to the Pastor’s sermon at church, he discussed a number of things but this one question lingered with me into the following week, “Is your heart pure?” Of course we would like to think so but when we dig a little deeper, is it really? I began to think about the grudges I kept near and dear and acknowledged that my heart was weighed with debris.

Two loved ones held the heaviest grudges of disappointment and resentment. “How could they have said that to me and claim to love me? How could you be content with the bare minimum you did for me as your (daughter/sister/ friend/etc)?” These are questions that would come to mind when I thought of these individuals. Mind you, the sentiments are warranted, however, what are these pains doing for me on a deeper level? How am I developing my “best self” with these thoughts? I knew I had to let go of these pains. Not only for the way the individuals must feel as a result of me distancing myself emotionally, but more importantly, for the damage I was self-inflicting.

Purity of mind, body and spirit can reap amazing benefits, but I was preventing myself from receiving them. After analyzing my thoughts to the Pastor’s question, I made a conscious decision to change. The necessary actions to change will not be a walk in the park nor done over night, but that part of me that wanted more and better for myself, sparked growth.

I made peace with myself in that moment. I later called one of the individuals and asked for forgiveness. The other individual is on the list to contact later this week. Creating inner-peace allowed me to feel lighter and work towards developing that positivity in other aspects of my life.

Today, I urge you to let go of whatever grudges you are holding onto because whether you know it or not, it is taking away from your overall happiness. No one should have that much power over you that they can determine when or how happy you can be. You determine your happiness!


Best wishes,



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