We ate. We meditated. We fell in love.

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May 30, 2017
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We ate. We meditated. We fell in love.

This past weekend we held our 2nd ‘Eat. Meditate. Love’ Retreat in Orillia, Ontario.

We had 7 participants from all over Ontario joined us for a 3 day weekend escape where we ate, we meditated and fell in love again (with ourselves and life). I was completely blown away how everyone who came fit together perfectly like a puzzle, we were a little family. So much so, one of our participants broke out in an allergic reaction and asked permission to leave as to not inconvenience or worry anyone. Immediately everyone lovingly and unanimously voiced that if she left the new circle and weekend would feel incomplete without her so we asked her to stay (She was physically okay and there was no cause for concern). It was such a moving and real example of “no judgement- only love” community and space created amoung us.

Without giving too much away of the magic and shifts that took place, our weekend started off with a powerful opening ceremony, releasing shamanic fire ritual, waking up to heart opening meditations which I checked in and created based on the group’s energy and need every morning, mindset & energy shifting workshops with plenty of time to relax and connect with nature. This retreat also included a deep relaxation massage and candlelight yoga which one of our participants was almost unable to speak after because of feeling on such a “high”. The final day we incorporated processes and activities that practiced the allowing of divine love into our lives.

We ended our 3 day transformative experience with a closing ceremony and moving words from each participants that, in my opinion, still have us on an emotional high even mid-week.

The weekend was unforgettable and each of the participants will always have a special place in my heart.

I’m still receiving loving messages thanking me for the impact this weekend had on their lives and the breakthroughs they experienced upon their return home.

I know this is not the end of the journey for us. We have created a beautiful connection and energy that I  believe will last regardless if we cross paths in person again. It’s a never ending kind of love and light. Thank you all for blessing us with your presence and courage to show up ready and willing for more.

Here are some photos from our weekend (only posting those that grant permission). I hope you enjoy!

If you are interested in learning more about our upcoming retreats, please visit goddessofwisdom.ca/retreats/

Photo collage june

Photo collage june2

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