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October 24, 2017
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Does it feel like nothing is working?

Have you been doing the work to improve your life and yourself? Engaged in other forms of support (therapy, counseling, friends)? Really dedicated to your healing but still feel stuck and don’t know what else you can possibly do?

Why it seems like nothing is working:

  1. What needs to be healed will be revealed: If negative experiences keep showing up in your life – either in your relationships, friendships, work, then it hasn’t been fully healed. Just because you’ve done “the work” and think you’re over it doesn’t mean it’s over you. Perhaps the thing that you need to learn about yourself is layered and needs time to heal, one layer at a time. If it keeps showing up, it requires you to surrender and show up for the task at hand in order to receive the next step and true deep healing that you deserve.
  2. The Support you seek doesn’t address the whole of you: You are made up of different beings- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Often with different forms of therapy and coaching it may just address one aspect/being of you: emotional side, mental or physical and often the spiritual side is left out (After all, you are a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience). Also- therapy normally focuses on the past and not equipped to coach you through with what’s going on in the present nor give you the proactive tools to move you forward. That is what life coaches do! We support you with moving forward towards your goals and dreams but not without addressing some past issues of course. As a Certified Life & Spiritual Coach, my unique coaching style focuses on every being of you- mental, physical, emotional & spiritual- as well as honors the past and present in order to move you forward.
  3. You’re not ready to be healed! Yes, I said it! But I say this lovingly and with complete understanding. Some of the things we have endured or currently going through are just too big and overwhelming to tackle on our own or it’s just much easier and less scary to stay in the situation. Whether we are in an unhealthy, unsatisfying relationship or unfilling job it’s much more comfortable, familiar and predictable to stay in the unsatisfying situation we are in than to step outside our comfort zone into a world of unknown. I get it! But let me tell you this, your spirit will not let that fly! Your spirit will always be calling you back to your true self and to your true purpose and path in life. And when we resist that, that’s when we experience suffering and pain.

So how do you know what is the next step in your healing?

Here are 3 powerful questions to help activate your knowing:

Use these three questions to help you gain clarity on your next steps in life.

3 Questions to Know Your Next Steps

Once you have written out your answers (that’s right, you have to do the work – get that pen & paper out!) question # 3 will clearly reveal what you need to do next on your journey to true healing (you have the answers within!)

Does Question # 3 reveal:

  • You need a change in mindset?
  • You need a change in energy?
  • You need to take inspired action?
  • Need to trust, love and/or believe in yourself more?
Whatever your next steps reveal, wouldn’t you love a way to fast track to your desired destination?
You’re invited to a 1-day retreat to

Saturday, November 4th, 2017
Parry Sound, Ontario

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  • Peaceful time with Mother Nature
  • Delicious lunch, tea/coffee & snacks

3 SPOTS LEFT – Could you do with a healing day away to reset your mind, body, and energy?
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The Shift will be a proactive step towards unleashing your spirit!
If you have any inkling inside that is nudging you to reach for more, then it’s your spirit calling you to live up to the highest and best self. The Shift will give you the practical steps and tools to activate healing within.

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Love & Light to you,

P.S. If you’ve missed our 1-day retreat, please check the next retreat coming up!

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