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Want to find your bliss?

Are you struggling to figure out what you’re meant to do in life? Heard the word ‘bliss’ before but don’t even know what that means for you? Tapped into that “high” before don’t know how to connect to that state easily and frequently?

Before my previous life as a Spiritual Life Coach, I use to be in Film & TV pursuing a career as a professional dancer and actress. I did some incredible things. I danced and choreographed for the NBA Toronto Raptors Dance Pack for 5 seasons, elected at the All-Star Dancer for NBA Raptors to join the Dream Dance Team in Las Vegas, danced on tour with Massari and other celebrity artists, music videos, commercials, indie films and more. I pursued this career for over 20 years – it was my childhood dream until finally one day I realized I wasn’t truly happy. I started questioning was this life truly for me.

Was this what I am meant to do for the rest of my life?

Is work meant to be filled with struggle, pain, and doubt?

Finally, I decided NO! Deep down inside I knew life wasn’t meant to be lived using the majority of your day doing something you weren’t happy doing. After all at least 40 hours a week is allotted to doing work…I wasn’t about to sacrifice 40 hours of a week of my life feeling being doubtful, discouraged, and dreading my life’s work. I decided I wanted to wake up KNOWING with no doubt in my mind this is what I was put on this earth to do. I wanted to wake up excited to whatever “work” I was called to do and it not feel like work. I wanted to feel on purpose, alive and confident in my path.

But there was just one problem – I had NO CLUE what that would be. But based on the deep unsatisfying feeling and borderline depression I was experiencing I was willing to give it all up to search for more. I was willing to give up what I knew for what I didn’t know.

So I embarked on a soul-searching journey (which luckily only took 3 months 🙂 and committed to the mantra “Spirit lead the way and I will follow”. And my Spirit led me to meditate everyday, journaling, going for walks in nature, coming across the right book, course, video, healers, etc; And low and behold, it led me to my bliss – it led me to my calling as a Spiritual Life Coach.

I firmly believe we are all put here on this earth to live a life of bliss. We are meant to live heaven on earth. WE are just the ones that make it a tad harder for ourselves. So I have put together this guided meditation to help you remember your bliss and to come back to this place anytime.

When you CHOOSE to live a life of bliss over a life of struggle and practicality you will start creating a life full of possibilities, peace, and purpose. Try it – it has worked for me!

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