episode 28 - what to do when feeling neutral
Words of Wisdom Podcast – Episode 1
June 3, 2019
episode 28 - what to do when feeling neutral
Episode 3 – Connect to Who You Truly Are (Guided Meditation)
June 6, 2019
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Words of Wisdom Episode 2 – 5 Ways to Connect & Deepen Your Spirituality

episode 28 - what to do when feeling neutral

In this week’s Words of Wisdom Episode 2, I will be sharing 5 Ways to Connect & Deepen Your Spirituality.

As previously shared, my intention for creating Words of Wisdom Podcast is to make spirituality practical so you can apply it in your life to experience joy and see your dreams come into fruition.

Why focus on spirituality?

Because I often find this to be the missing piece to living happier, balanced lives and an integral part in bringing desires into reality with more ease and fulfillment.

5 Ways to Connect and Deepen Your Spirituality

I share these tools to help you align with your best self so that when you take action from this place everything you desire comes to you effortlessly and with ease. After all, how could it not lead you to more greatness when you are vibrating from the greatness of who you are?

Here is what we’ll be covering in this episode with the time stamp to help you find the segment easily:

  • What is Spirituality & Why You Should Connect to It [1:56]
  • 5 Practical Ways to Reconnect and Deepen Your Spirituality – 3 action-based tools you can implement right away and 2 inner exercises to help you go a little deeper to discover yourself [4:42]
  • An Easy Step-By-Step on How to Make Your Prayers More Effective (or conversations with the Universe/God) to receive what you want [5:30]
  • Tips on developing a nurturing meditation practice that you can actually stick to! [10:45]
  • As always, end with a little fun-soul work so you walk away with tangible tools to apply your learning and experience the benefits of today’s teachings on connecting and deepening your spirituality [35:39]


Coles Notes of steps mentioned in Episode 2 of Words of Wisdom:

  • Easy Step-by-Step How to Pray (Talk to the Universe)
      1. Connect with Your Higher Power – give it a name, color, image, sound
      2. Start with gratitude – “Thank you for….” this starts the vibrational platform off on an uplifting level
      3. State Your Desires – ending with “this or something better”
      4. Embody the Feeling as Already having it – talk as it’s already done, see it, feel it, state it “thank you for my healthy body, for bringing these amazing clients to me, for healing the relationship with “so and so”
      5. End statement – “And So It is”/ Amen
  • Create an Easy Nurturing Meditation Practice you can stick to!
    • Choose a time that works for you – morning, evening, break time ….5-20 minutes is all you need!
    • Tangible reminders that indicate to the mind it’s time to relax & excited to meditate– crystals, music, incense, a special essential oil diffusing, blanket, meditation mat, statues, plants
    • Choose a sacred space  – corner in your living room, designated room, basement, near a window… choose a spot that you can keep dedicated to this spiritual practice
    • AudioGuided meditations on YouTube, chanting, music, silence, breathing exercises
    • Biggest Myth“It’s hard, I can’t sit still, I can’t shut my mind off”…What if I told you didn’t have to shut off your mind? You have over 70K thoughts a day, there is no way to shut that all off. What makes the difference between a person who meditates and one who gives up during or before they even try is they give up trying to control their thoughts and instead view it and just witnessing them! The more you practice this the more space and breath you have between your thoughts and that is where the “magic” lies. This is where you can experience a deep sense of peace, presence, and clarity.

Episode 2 – Fun-Soul Work:

Remember, you must DO the work for it to actually WORK for you!

  • Choose 1 of the 3 practices I shared today – prayer, meditation, connect with nature and commit to testing it out for a week (or more)
  • Answer the 2 questions:
    • 1. What is your definition of “Spirit/God/Higher Power”?
    • 2. What feels good & light? Follow what feels good! Your spirit wants you to feel good – that is a clue that you are on the right track when it feels good and light

Listen to Episode 2 now!

References used in this podcast:

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