episode 28 - what to do when feeling neutral
Words of Wisdom Episode 2 – 5 Ways to Connect & Deepen Your Spirituality
June 3, 2019
episode 28 - what to do when feeling neutral
Episode 4 – 3 Reasons Your Intuition Doesn’t Work
June 20, 2019
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Episode 3 – Connect to Who You Truly Are (Guided Meditation)

episode 28 - what to do when feeling neutral

This week in Words of Wisdom – Episode 3, I am excited to share a quick 10-min guided meditation called, Connect to Who You Truly Are.

It’s my aim to make spirituality practical by offering real tangible tools to help you become the highest and best version of yourself. Some episodes will include guided meditations in addition to my life & spiritual teachings and exercises.

Connect to Who You Truly Are Guided Meditation was created to gently guide you back to the core vibration of who you are, helping you remove blocks to feeling your best self and create a life you truly want.

Why is it important to connect to the core vibration of who you are?

Because when you do, you start vibrating and emitting high-frequency energy which naturally allows the highest and best to show up in your life like a magnet. Wouldn’t you like that?

Try this short 10-min meditation by finding a quiet space (or use the sacred space I helped you create in Episode 2), take off your ringers and electronics (except for the one playing this meditation, of course 🙂 and allow yourself to experience this meditation however way it shows up – remember, there is no such thing as a bad meditation and thoughts are normal. You just need to commit to coming to the mat!

Do this meditation in the morning, evening or during a 10-minute break in the day.

Finally, don’t forget to let me know how this meditation resonates with you. Please leave a review and/or voice note through Anchor and it could be featured in an upcoming episode.

Let’s get to it!

  • Intro & Instruction for Guided Meditation [0:43]
  • Connect to Who You Truly Are Guided Meditation [1:56]


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Episode 3 – Fun-Soul Work: Want extra benefits? Try this meditation once a day for a week and see

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