Episode 9 – 2 Habits Creating Pain & Suffering

episode 28 - what to do when feeling neutral
Episode 8 – Break the Negative Cycle You’re In
July 26, 2019
episode 28 - what to do when feeling neutral
Episode 10 – Meditation for Healing & Clearing
August 29, 2019
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episode 28 - what to do when feeling neutral

Does it feel like you can’t get out of an “internal hell”? A cycle of stress and pain that drains your energy and feels like there is no way out? Perhaps you feel like this after every encounter with family members, co-workers or friends? Or perhaps you have moments where things are fine then you are overcome with sadness, hopelessness,  and just plain heaviness? In episode 9 of Words of Wisdom, I share 2 habits you are doing to keep yourself stuck in pain & suffering.episode 7

Why would you ever create pain & suffering for yourself?

If you have been listening to my podcasts you may have heard me mention that these habits are created unconsciously, and most often influenced by unconscious caregivers. We learn these habits through conditioning, observing and absorbing the energies and behaviors of those around us from an early age.

We then adopt this as a way of being as a way of feeling safe, loved and accepted. It does serve a purpose to serve and protect us in some way but it does take us further away from our true self and at some point (this point in time) you notice something isn’t working for you anymore and that something has to change.

Listen to Episode 9 now to learn the 2 habits you need to break NOW!

Episode 9 of Words of Wisdom covers:

  • #1 habit keeping you in pain & suffering [3:42]
  • #2 habit keeping you in pain & suffering [13:15]
  • Recap [24:20]
  • Fun Soul Work to Break Your 2 habits [28:16]


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