Episode 20 – Proof You Are Meant For More

Episode 19 – Manifest Your Baby
October 29, 2019
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November 27, 2019
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episode 28 - what to do when feeling neutral

Are you currently feeling down and lost? Unhappy where you are and wonder if something more is meant for you? Are your doubts louder than your desires? You are not alone, most of us have been there. These insecurities will take you to a place that will leave you feeling stuck and hopeless. If you don’t do anything about it your life purpose can pass you by. Let me help you move forward in life and confirm if you are having these intuitive hits or questions, then you are meant to answer a greater calling. In episode 20 of Words of Wisdom, You will have a glimpse of my previous self who felt unworthy of more to “I am meant for greatness!“. You will know why I decided to make changes and why there is proof you should too.

We discuss how there is proof you are meant for more.  It’s time to listen to that soft voice within that has been trying to communicate about your life’s current state and how you are, in fact, resisting the calling for more. Listening and following these 3 truths will lead you to life-changing possibilities. If you are ready to face the truth that there is more for you in your career, relationship(s) and life purpose, join us and listen to our latest episode.

episode 20Listen to Episode 20 – Proof You Are Meant for More

If you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I meant for more?
  • Is there more to my life?
  • What if I am not meant to do or be someone special?

My Friend, if you are asking these questions, it’s more proof you are meant for more. You wouldn’t be asking these if it was not possible for you – I have proof! All you have to do is listen to episode 20 of Words of Wisdom. Get ready to feel inspired and motivated to take action once you realize the exciting opportunities that await!

The wisdom I share with you in episode 20 of Words of Wisdom comes from a point in my life where I didn’t believe I was meant for more. I eventually started asking the following question:

What if I am meant for more – to be and do something special? ” – Minerva

This self-exploration created momentum and led me to discover my life purpose as a Spiritual Life Coach, open a successful coaching practice where I have the honor of working with wonderful women, be in a loving marriage with my best friend/ spirit mate and the list just keeps going. This wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t change my mindset and allowed myself to believe something different than what I felt or saw around me at the moment.

What is possible for you if you allowed yourself to think about the “impossible”?

I am ready to prove myself wrong – I want to listen to Episode 20 now!

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Episode 20 – Show Notes:

  • Intro [0:43]
  • Proof 1-3 [4:27]
  • How to Stay Present [18:17]
  • Recap [19:08]

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