It’s been a tough week for all with the shockwaves of Kobe Bryant’s death along with his daughter and 7 others. I have to admit the tragic news has shaken me to my core. Of course, the effect this has on me compared to his family and all the other families is a grain of salt compared to the unimaginable pain they must be feeling. I have been praying a lot, meditating and sending healing reiki energy to Vanessa Bryant, her family, the souls who perished and even towards the crash site. What does this have to do with this week’s episode of Words of Wisdom? Well, it doesn’t. I recorded this episode before the crash and have been lingering on posting this as it seemed so unimportant compared to all the tragedies going on in the world. However, today I decided to listen to episode 25 – Infinite Being Meditation before I published it and it helped bring some solace to the scary world we seem to live in now.

In episode 25 of Words of Wisdom, I lead you through a guided meditation to expand and connect to the Infinite Being that is you. What does this mean?

Infinite Being is that indestructible energy of you. It is also the indestructible, ever-presence that some call God, Spirit, Source, Higher Consciousness.

In times of despair, fear, and doubt, it comes from our disconnect and forgetting who we are. In other words, it comes from feeling disconnected from this Higher Power within and outside of us. I know it seems unfathomable to comprehend or trust there is a higher force at work when tragedy and death arise but it is even more reason to do so in times like these.

My initial intention in recording episode 25- Infinite Being was to help you connect to that infinite powerful feeling and vibration of who you truly are. By doing so, this will help you lean into your full potential and align you to what you truly desire. But I realize today, more than ever, leaning into your Infinite Being will take you through everything – the good, the bad and unthinkable.

Connecting back to the Infinite Power within and around you can never be destroyed. So during our short time here in this lifetime, why not do our best to live from this infinite space of who we truly are to get the most out of life? After all, isn’t that what the Great Kobe Bryant did during his physical time here on Earth? That is one thing I will take from his spirit and legacy, live from my infinite being.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this one!

Love and light to each of you reading this and sending infinite light, love, and healing to the Bryant family and all the families who lost someone that day.

Listen to Episode 25 now & connect to your Infinite Being.

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Get a taste of the power of meditation with this week’s episode 25 of Words of Wisdom – Infinite Being Meditation

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