Are you finding it hard to be in your sense of peace and centeredness among people and things around you? Nervous or stressed about how to deal with someone or a situation because you don’t know how to confidently set boundaries? In this Episode 26 of Words of Wisdom, allow me to share with you 3 steps on how you can protect your energy and set boundaries so you can change whatever you are feeling right now into feeling more confident and calm while clearly stating what you want.

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Have you ever noticed that when you are around certain (negative) people, have a conversation with someone who keeps talking or thinking about everything in a negative way, or has no sense of boundaries you end up feeling upset, agitated or bogged down? When this happens it’s because healthy energetic boundaries haven’t been set within you and you have squashed the light and truth within you which leaves you susceptible to low vibrating energies or people.

I share 3 easy steps to help safeguard you against these negative energies and maintain your sense of self amongst low vibrating people in episode 26 of words of wisdom but I want to share one food for thought:

Love the unconscious part of you and others – Minerva

 When we learn to love the unconscious parts of me and others this will bring you back to your place of centeredness, calm, and confidence with how to address any situation.  

View it from loving eyes, loving ears, and a loving mind.

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Once you apply these 3 steps to protect your energy and set healthy boundaries you will find you will feel calmer, stand in your truth and speak & act from a place of confidence, that most times will require a calm and loving response from others. And if it doesn’t, then you still are centered in a place of calm and confidence and no one can take that away from you…especially when you view their reaction as coming from a place of unconsciousness.

The only way to heal the unconscious part of us is through consciousness, through awakening, through love…

Listen to episode 26 now!

Episode 26 – Protect Your Energy + Set Boundaries 

Episode 26 – Timestamps:

  • Intro [0:43]
  • Step 1 [2:05]
  • Step 2 [6:16]
  • Step 3 [13:28]
  • Recap [16:18]

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