Ep 31 – 3 Steps to Diminish Fear

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April 8, 2020
Ep 32 – Create a High Vibe Space
April 21, 2020
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Ep 31 – 3 Steps to Diminish Fear

3 Steps to Diminish Fear

Are you fearful about COVID, your job, money….or in general you have a fear of what people will think of you? No matter what your fear is it is definitely valid but not necessarily true. 

Meaning your fear is just a feeling, not fact. It’s a projection of what might happen in the future and not necessarily happening now.

In today’s episode of Words of Wisdom, I share 3 steps to help diminish any fear you are experiencing.

Even as a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, I still have moments of anxiety and fear. With COVID-19 I’ve had ruminating thoughts of “What if I get it” or even worst “What if I have it?” and spiral down the fear-filled train.

“The best antidote for fear is competence” – Chris Hadfield

When I heard this quote, it reminded me of a 3 step process I take my private coaching clients through to dissipate fear and return to a state of peace and empowerment.

When you make yourself competent you are taking yourself out of the state of feeling fearful and moving into one of power, capabilities and creative abilities.

Here I share 3 Powerful Steps to Diminish Fear:

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In this episode:

  • Learn what I have been fearful about and how I decreased my fear
  • 3 Steps to Diminish any Fear you have

Listen to Ep 31 – 3 Steps to Diminish Fear Now!

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