Ep 34 Clues Your Soul Leaves ABout Your Life Purpose
July 21, 2020
loved ones not growing with you
Ep 36 Loved Ones Not Growing With You
August 12, 2020
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Ep 35 Align to What You Want

Are you a doer actively going after your dreams and desires? Today I want to help you get an alignment to what it is you really want by the way of energy. Often we are so good at taking action but sometimes forget the energetic work required to bring our desires into reality.

I find the most significant change happens when we work on the spiritual, energetic, and subconscious level – this is where true healing, transformation, and manifestation occurs.

I’ve fine-tuned my process to provide a deeper level of coaching that produces results in exponential time. My Being Method (https://www.goddessofwisdom.ca/spiritual-coaching/) comprises a variety of tools, modalities, and processes I’ve developed, trained in and mastered over the years to help others heal, transform, and manifest in less time than just working on the mental and action level.

So today I want to share with you one quick tool you can do at home to tap into and start living from your energetic being. When you start operating from this place, the majority of the time, you can manifest much more quickly and effortlessly with no limits to what or when it can show up.

Find a quiet place you can sit for the next 10 mins, close your eyes, and enjoy!

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