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41: What’s Stopping You From Hitting The Next Level?
September 15, 2020
Transforming Your Impossible into I’m-Possible
October 31, 2020
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42: Stuck in Unhealthy Patterns

Words of Wisdom Podcast_ Generational Patterns

Do you find you are stuck in unhealthy patterns with money, love and self-esteem that are hard to break?

Old patterns can be broken, my friend!

If you find yourself in the same patterns that you’ve been trying to get out of for years, whether you’re trying to get ahead with money or you find yourself in the same toxic relationships. This could be due to generational patterns.

Maybe you’re continuously suffering from low self-esteem and you can see that trend in your family. You’ve been trying to do the work on yourself but you’re just not getting ahead.

This, my friend, comes down to generational patterns. To overcome these negative patterns, generational healing is needed.

This deep healing works up to seven generations behind you AND ahead of you!

Find out more about generational healing in today’s podcast:

Live Your Impossible!

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What's Stopping You From Hitting The Next Level? Podcast 41 Goddess Of Wisdom

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