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December 16, 2020
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January 13, 2021
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“Loving who we are unconditionally…that’s a huge part of being able to show up authentically. Not only loving the amazing gifts that you have but loving your shadows, loving your triggers, loving your emotions, loving all parts of you, and accepting unconditionally.”

Discover your true authentic self through human design with this week’s incredible guest Randi Lee.

I would describe Randi Lee as authentic and I have seen her experience massive success by coming from her naked truth. Before she became a Soulful Business Coach helping women create and lead a successful business from their authentic self, she was a cheerleader and bodybuilder and at one point had 1 person join her group program.

When she finally learned to strip down all old conditioning and love every part of herself and lead from, what she calls, her naked truth, EVERYTHING CHANGED!

This reminds me of my past life as a professional dancer and actress where I experienced some success on the surface level but deep down I felt insecure, like a fraud, never good enough, and ultimately, never felt like my true self.

As the new year approaches, are you ready to shed the old and fully step into your light, the truth of who you really are?

In this week’s episode, learn:

  • What your Naked Truth is
  • How to move out of your comfort zone
  • Learn about Human Design
  • Learn about the types of human design
  • How coming from your authentic naked truth drastically changes everything in your life
  • Receive a special discount code just for our listeners to receive a human design reading from Randi!


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Learn more about Randi Lee:

Randi Lee is a soulful business coach, public speaker, and the host of the Uplifting Podcast.  Her mission is to help women uncover their naked truth- the real you when you strip down all the conditioning and limiting beliefs around who you should be, and step into alignment with your authentic self. Through incorporating Human Design and Gene Keys, Randi helps her clients go from people-pleasing, burnt out, and living a dual life to liberating their true self so they can stand out amongst the crowd and attract soulmate clients with ease. Learn more about Randi here: https://www.randilee.net/

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