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December 23, 2020
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January 20, 2021
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3 powerful steps that will supercharge your 2021 vision allowing you to achieve your goals from a place of alignment.

Choose your goals from a place of soul and not a place of ego.

As we enter a new year we add pressure to ourselves to set clear goals and to make sure we set off on the right foot to show results as soon as possible. Often this is created from the mind and led from a place of force and fear.

Goal setting is great, however, where most people trip up on is choosing from the mind/ego and not from their heart and soul, and in other words, not from a place of alignment.

Once you create from a place of SOUL, the action steps, guidance, support, and journey to your end goal comes with more ease and flow; and often the results show up greater than expected!

Join me in today’s episode as I lead you through a 1-on-1 session, just you and me!

I will offer you a series of powerful questions to get you off on the right foot for 2021 and you will walk away with a plan to follow for the entire of 2021.

Allow yourself permission to move at your own rate, to create at your own speed, and to honor your process.’

In this week’s episode, learn:

  • Come from a place of Soul when setting your goals
  • Why it’s not really about the goal you’re after
  • Aligned steps to get “there”
  • The most important factor in achieving your end goals


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