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January 27, 2021
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February 10, 2021
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Here is your permission slip to love up YOURSELF! Today we discuss how to get better sleep with coach Diana Martins.

EXCITING NEWS! Throughout February I will be inviting various experts to discuss different areas of self-love. I truly believe that the amount of love you receive in life is based on the level that you are willing to give to yourself.

Every week, I will be releasing a new episode to talk about an important aspect of self-love, from sleep to physical health, emotional healing, relationships, and awakening divine love within. 

This week we are featuring WeeSleep Sleep Consultant, Diana Martins, for an in-depth chat on:

  • The limiting belief our society holds around sleep
  • How poor sleep affects every aspect of our life
  • Powerful tips to create an easy bedtime ritual
  • Tackling the shame around having better sleep so we can love ourselves more deeply

Diana has helped me and my family in a massive way throughout motherhood, not only sleep training our Little One in a gentle and loving way but in-directly teaching me how to take care of myself and prioritize sleep. I share some of my favorite bedtime rituals as well.

Listen below and learn how to build a life around deep, regular sleep.


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Learn more about Diana Martins:

Diana knows what exhaustion truly feels like and is committed to helping other Moms and Dads enjoy their babies after a night of restful sleep. She wanted to help her baby but couldn’t navigate through all the information or find a plan to commit to. She made the investment in a WeeSleep Consultant and it continues to pay off. The success that she had after the two weeks of following the plan was well worth the efforts.

Diana believes in the WeeSleep philosophy and became very passionate about helping other families. She will be there to listen to your frustrations, answer your questions and guide you in the right direction. She will be your coach, keep you on track and help you stay committed to your plan. She is there to ensure your success and will cater to your family dynamics. She is proud and happy to give well-proven advice (no old wives tales here) and use parent-friendly approaches to helping your baby achieve amazing sleep.

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