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February 3, 2021
55: Healthy Relationships begin with Healthy Self-Love
February 17, 2021
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You can’t have one without the other – true transformation incorporates all beings of you.

Where are you on your fitness journey? Is it something you know you “should” be doing, do you start and stop, are you or fully committed but feel like something is missing?

Perhaps you might be seeing the physical differences but feeling mentally and spiritually unfulfilled?

Often within our fitness journeys, we are so focused on the physical results of our body we can often forget the mental and spiritual work that goes into achieving a true transformation.

This week on our podcast, we invited Personal Trainer & Life Coach, Stefanie Tsengas to help us combine mind, body, and spirit to help you get on track to achieving a life-changing and sustainable transformation.

Here is what we cover in this week’s episode:

  • What do mind and spirit have to do with achieving your physical health goals?
  • The #1 culprit standing in the way of you speaking about your health goals and actually carrying them out
  • How physical health contributes to self-love and self-confidence
  • Powerful tips to get your health goals back on track
  • Exercise: Take a selfie and ask yourself these 3 powerful questions – they will indicate your level of self-love!

“Where the mind goes the body follows” – Stefanie Tsengas


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Learn more about Stefanie Tsengas:

Stefanie is a Certified Personal Trainer & Life Coach. She is a professional in the field of health, fitness, & personal development. Her philosophy is Body + Mind + Spirit and she focuses on all 3 of these categories to create transformation within her clients. She is also huge in creating community among women, as she encourages, empowers, and connects them through everything she does in her business.

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