61: Are You a Manifestation Manipulator?

Are you manifesting things that ultimately aren’t making you happy or are slow to actualize?

Find out in this week’s episode how you might be manipulating your manifestation.

While I am here to help you manifest with ease and flow in rapid time, this will only happen when your desires are aligned to your soul and the highest and best for you and all involved. Listen to this episode to find out 3 ways to know if you are manipulating manifestation and how to ensure you are creating from an authentic place so that you can experience your deepest desires in physical form, sooner than later.

Here is what we cover in this week’s episode:

  • What a manifestation manipulator is
  • 3 ways to know when you are manipulating manifestation
  • The difference between soul creation and ego creation
  • Owning your power in creation


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