What it’s like to go after your goals from the toxic masculine…

  • working hard
  • doing more
  • it’s never enough
  • don’t stop until you get “there”
  • overwork yourself
  • burnout
  • no time to rest or fear you will fall behind

This is especially true for new or experienced coaches and soul-service providers building their business.

You cannot build a sustainable life and business of freedom from a place of force & fear.

So what would it look like if you built your business from the Divine Masculine & Feminine?

From ease, flow, conscious action steps, trust, knowing, purpose, alignment, mission-driven, balance?

A life & biz of more ease and flow.

If you are ready to give up the old hard way of doing and choose the path of least resistance, listen to this week’s Words of Wisdom Podcast!

In this week’s Podcast we will learn:

• The difference between wounded & divine and masculine energies
• 3 alternative approaches to achieving your goals with more ease & flow
• Tips on how to start healing the wounded masculine & feminine
• Feel empowered with your next steps towards building your biz


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What's Stopping You From Hitting The Next Level? Podcast 41 Goddess Of Wisdom

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