Are you putting a price on your own head?

At some point or another, you may find yourself questioning whether you are worthy of charging your clients what you want to. Wondering whether you have the knowledge, the credentials, or training.

Whether you yourself are worth those kinds of prices.

Today I want to offer you a new point of view. Because when you attach your income to your own self-worth you are creating a codependent, captive relationship with money and in this are giving away your power and repelling aligned clients who feel worthy enough to invest in themselves.

“There is no price tag on your worth”

Find out how to change your perspective on income and transform your energy when approaching clients in this week’s Words of Wisdom Podcast…

What we will learn in this week’s episode:

• What you are actually worth
• Why money should not be attached to your worthiness
• How to attract more high-vibrating aligned clients

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