Do you just want to throw in the manifestation towel every time you hit a difficult day?

Well, rest assured that manifestation is not meant to be perfect and easy all of the time, however, it can be done with EASE (yes, there’s a difference!)

Discover how to maintain ease in manifestation and stop sabotaging your progress in this week’s episode on The Words of Wisdom Podcast.

Key Takeaways:

  • The difference between manifesting & actualizing
  • The root cause of your sabotage
  • Why manifestation can be a rollercoaster
  • What to do when you are having low days and does that set back your manifestations?
  • How to manifest with more ease

Reflection Questions:

  • When in your childhood did you feel that you or your efforts weren’t enough?
  • What is your point of view/belief on yourself and your journey during the low points?
  • How can you reframe these moments to build a state of ease?
  • Is it the truth that I’m off track/wrong/not enough? Or is this something you need to go through, a lesson, a tool, an opportunity?

What Next?

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