Of course you want to receive what you desire… who doesn’t?

And yet you may be less open to receiving than you think…

Being fully open and willing to receive is a powerful thing however it requires a degree of trust and submission to fully accept what it is we want.

Let’s explore what it means to receive and how to open yourself up to what it is that you want with less resistance and more ease.

Key Takeaways:

• What does it mean to receive?
• How you are blocking it
• Why you would block it
• The truth about when it’s your time to receive
• How to receive guided visualization

Reflection Questions:

  • What if you were perfect the way you are?
  • What if you were innately worthy as you are?
  • What if you didn’t have to heal everything in order to receive
  • What if the work you have done to this point is enough to receive
  • What are all the things that you’ve been telling yourself you need to have in place in order to receive?
  • How is that serving you?
  • How is that blocking you?


Bring a core desire to your awareness

Imagine stepping outside on a bright sunny day
You receive the warmth of the sun
Feel the energy in the air
In the same path of the sun is your desire
Allow it to come forth

You are receiving your desire

  • What is happening to your being?
  • What’s the experience in your heart, mind, body, and energy field when you receive your desire?

Allow it to be so

  • Notice needs clearing and releasing
  • What will it take for you to fully receive your desire with ease?


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