Did you know you take your own power away from manifesting/creating what you want when you look outside to the external?

We tend to base our sense of self, power, and possibilities on other people, opinions, physical objects, and outcomes.

This robs us of our truth, possibilities, and power.

You can reclaim your power now with 1 simple technique. Listen now!

Key Takeaways:

  • One thing you are doing that keeps you stuck and diminishes your sense of self
  • How to program your mind to keep you moving forward when you feel stuck
  • 1 tip to reclaim your power and your truth You are a powerful, creative being – when you connect and operate from that place anything is possible!

Reflection Questions:

Practice shifting your language by listing out all of your current beliefs about yourself.

I am ‘a good mother’ but ‘me and my child fought today'”

  • List all your current beliefs about yourself:

I am… because…

  • Now write the same list with a simple change: ‘because’ becomes ‘and’:

I am ‘a good mother’ and ‘me and my child fought today'”

I am… and…

This takes you into a higher vibration of neutrality and from there you can continue to raise your vibration.


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