If you lead a business from the soul and you’re focused on changing lives and carrying out your mission, this meditation will help you get grounded, clear, and activated with your power and inspiration so that you can serve on a higher level.

This is a small taste of the work that I take my students through at Starseed Academy, where, in a safe & sacred container, we save space for higher consciousness work as you explore your hidden blocks standing in the way of fulfilling your mission, receiving clients, changing lives, and showing up authentically.

When you raise the consciousness within you naturally raise the consciousness of your clients and the collective.

A gentle reminder that the Starseed Academy Coach Training Program is open for application only for 6 more days!

This program runs once or twice a year and offers the gold standard of coach training and education as it integrates high-level coach skill training, developing spiritual gifts, safe ground for deep personal exploration, and a refreshing, conscious take on marketing so that you are building a successful coaching practice from alignment and not burnout.


What Next?

Watch our FREE MASTERCLASS: How to Create a Steady and Stable Spiritual Coaching Practice: HERE

Starseed Academy Coach Training: High-Level Spiritual Coach Training for new and established coaches looking to up-level their skills and build a sustainable, successful, and lucrative coaching business:

  • 28 Week High-Level Spiritual Coach Training Certification Program (Live Online Class Instruction)
  • 10 Week Group Mentoring Coaching Program
  • 3 Private Mentor Coaching Sessions
  • 1 Performance Evaluation
  • 1 Year Business Support – Includes During + 4 Months After Training – Ask your Instructor any questions about clients, marketing, techniques, and building your practice ‚Äč
  • Starseed Academy Transformational Tools & Techniques Manual (Digital Copy)
  • Private Online Student Portal for lifetime access to class recordings, audio/videos, and other resources to support your growing business
  • Exclusive Facebook Alumni Group to be a part of our community and receive extra support after training is complete

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