We all lose steam in our manifestation at times and require a little motivation ???

You are a woman who believes in her dreams, you can see it, feel it, and know you’re on the path to harnessing and creating your next-level life (whatever that may look like to you)

AND YET sometimes you will still find yourself needing a little nudge of motivation and affirmation that you’re on the right track…

Well, here it is!

In this brand new episode on The Words of Wisdom Podcast, I’m sharing with you a quick and powerful journal exercise that will connect you with your future self because she will offer you all the motivation you need.

What We Will Cover In This Episode:

• Encouraging words when you feel like you are losing momentum or steam manifesting your desires
• Step-by-step journaling exercise to connect your future self with your present self
• One of my own journal entries fresh off the press and read directly from my journal to inspire and motivate you

Your next-level life is absolutely possible, I know because I have done it, I’m still doing it and it’s part of my god-given mission to help make your impossible truly possible!

AND I have just had 1 space open up on my most intimate Expansion Private Coaching Container in which you will be guided, held, seen, encouraged, elevated, amplified, and stabilized as you create your next level reality with my highest level of support, energy, and strategies.

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Reflection Questions:

  • Set aside 5 minutes for this exercise
  • Get a pen and paper ready
  • Create yourself a safe space where you won’t be disrupted
  • Tune into your future self & how you envision her to be
  • What do you feel and see her?
  • Have her write a letter to your present self, allow the words to flow onto the page
  • What words/messages/feelings does she have towards you now?


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