When we judge and shame ourselves, whether it’s self-inflicted or shed onto us, we carry the vibration and charge that blocks us from achieving our next-level goals.

I know you are working tirelessly.
I know you see, feel, and believe your next level is possible.
I also know that you feel stuck and set back in your tracks the minute a negative thought, comment or feeling arises.

What if there was one tool to disengage and deactivate the charge and sting of self-judgment and shame?

What if you never have to feel crippled by judgment and shame again?

Set yourself free from this self-crippling energy and keep moving forward in the direction of your dreams planted in your heart with this powerful tool.

If you are ready to stop scratching the surface and take action for real, transformational change towards your next level, I currently have 1¬†space open to join my private coaching container. This is an incredible opportunity and spaces don’t come about often BUT I’m ready to work with the woman who is ready to work on herself.¬†

Find out more before you apply and see if this is something that aligns with you: 

Reflection Questions:

  • What are the top 3 things that feel judgment and shame around right now
  • Pick the one area that feels the strongest
  • Apply this question “What if it was the most brilliant thing to ever happen to me?”
  • Notice what happens in your energy when you present this question


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What's Stopping You From Hitting The Next Level? Podcast 41 Goddess Of Wisdom

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