In this episode, let’s talk about the top core beliefs you need to uphold to build incredible momentum in your manifestations, actualizations, and all things good in your life. These are the ones I use to this day and have used to actualize my greatest manifestations!Your beliefs create your reality.

When you change how you think, you change what you emit, therefore you change what you ATTRACT & ACTUALIZE.

If you want to create more wealth, freedom, and abundance in your life, you have to thinking and being the same frequency of what you want to call into your life.

In This Episode We Cover

• Why your thoughts are so influential over your manifestations
• 3 beliefs you must hold to manifest your desired reality
• Overcoming self-doubt and fear

Reflection Questions:

  • When have you achieved something you have wanted
  • When have you achieved something BETTER than the thing you’ve always thought you wanted?

  • If you KNEW that you would achieve this or something better how would that affect your life and creation process?
  • How would you think differently?
  • How would you move differently?
  • How would you BE differently?

  • What am I choosing to allow into my reality?
  • What do I want to choose differently?
  • Why am I denying my desired reality?
  • What am I afraid of?
  • What do I need to do/think/feel in order to be ready to allow my desired reality to unfold?

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