What do you do when you feel defeated and you just want to quit?

I know we’ve ALL had a time like this (I do multiple times a year ?)

So let’s remember that this feeling is TOTALLY normal and more often than not means that you are stretching and growing to new levels. You are pushing yourself into the uncomfortable and that sh*t is quite simply not easy.

If you know what I’m talking about (and I know you do) go listen to my 101st episode on the Words of Wisdom Podcast ???

Because I wanna make this a little easier for you by sharing something that has really helped me in those moments when I wanted to give up on the life I really wanted.

What We Cover In This Episode

• When I felt like a total failure in my coaching business and dance career
• What kept me going
• How much weight your failures & setbacks have on your goals

Reflection Questions:

  • What is the ‘bigger vision’ of your life?
  • What do you FEEL is meant for you?

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