Do you believe BEING is enough to RECEIVE? If you found this past year a challenging one, it very well was just one expanding your edges.


  • Healing trauma & past pains
  • Ancestral healing
  • Transmuting blocks in the body
  • Emotional and Nervous System regulation
  • Expanding your Capacities to hold more (what you have been asking for)
  • Elevating your Consciousness and eliminating limiting beliefs you have been working on and carrying all these years


It is time. You have been asking to receive what you currently that you can have & hold more. So look at your past year and ask yourself:


How was this all happening FOR me and to prepare me to have more?


For me, the biggest growth spurt has been learning to truly BE to receive. I asked for this at the beginning of this year > To rest & receive.


The lessons and "slapping around" the Universe gave me was to teach me it really is about BEING TO RECEIVE


  • No more (over)doing as it wasn't feeling right for me
  • Not having to always be "on" in order to receive
  • Not having to push and do the way others do in order to be seen and be successful It's enough to just BE.


You and I are enough simply by BEING. 


Try these reflection questions as you listen:

  • 1-2 words to describe this past year
  • How was the "hard" stuff supporting you to expand this year?
  • How comfortable do you feel flowing with discomfort?
  • How will you choose to close this year?


So this brings me to my last podcast episode for the year. I am taking the rest of the year to JUST BE ?️ While I take a nice long break into the new year, you can enjoy:


✨This week's episode: End of Year Reflection + Chakra Manifesting Meditation ✨ to guide you in bringing this year to a nice close and set your intentions for next year:




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