I am here to help female leaders create wealth, rest + freedom without doing more (most likely you need to be doing less!)

One thing I have noticed with some powerful & passionate leaders is they struggle with money management and building wealth.

In today's episode, I'm sharing my top 3 reasons why even the most powerful creators haven't generated wealth (yet). I offer insights and tips on how to start improving your money situation so that you can experience peace and balance between your career, family, money, and downtime.

Listen with an open mind, a pen, and a journal so that you can reflect on your own habits and beliefs when it comes to money. ✍️ 

Key Moments In This Episode:

  •  3 Reasons you're not generating wealth
  • What type of poor money management habits you might be carrying
  • The vibration you hold that is blocking money & wealth from showing up in your life
  • The mindset to start generating and maintaining wealth

Reflection Questions:

  • What are your habits around receiving money?
    What are your habits around holding money?
    What are your habits around saving money?
    What are your habits around spending money?
    What are you habits around investing money?
  • Which of those habits are in alignment with your wealthy, abundant self?
    Which of those habits are out of alignment with your wealthy, abundant self?
  • Where do you feel shame, guilt, and judgment around money?

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